Here at Petite Pudding we understand that sometimes parenting can be hard. Whether your new born won’t sleep,  you are struggling to breastfeed or like us you can’t crack the toilet training. This is the section for you. We are slowly updating this section with advice and our stories to help you out and make you feel like someone understands.

If you are looking for some advice and there is nothing about it on here then drop us a contact form. I will see what I can do about writing articles that might help you and others out Believe me whatever you are going through, someone will have been there before.

kangheungbo / Pixabay

I am a great believer in community too – so don’t forget to check out the forums on places Netmums and The Baby Centre. Perfect if you have a burning question or just looking for a few pointers.

I am afraid if you are looking for advice as to how to train your unruly dachshund, I have nothing to offer. I can’t keep my unruly sausage in check, or even out of the kitchen bin….