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In my four short years of motherhood I have spent a lot of time attending groups, coffee mornings and soft plays, I have seen all sorts of Mums, each one navigating there own way through the parenting jungle. It would appear that a Mum can fall into 6 categories – which one are you?!

Frazzled Mum

Ah this is the Mum with a slightly harrassed look on her face, usually juggling a small baby on her knee, whilst attempting to stop her threenager from lobbing his lunch all over the floor. She looks down right tired and is clearly in need of a pamper day, a hair brush and some new clothes. This poor lady has probably not looked in the mirror for two days and has no idea that she currently has baby sick down her back. Don’t judge her, we all have days like this, especially when we up the ante from one baby to two!

FreeStyling Natural Mum


Now this Mum is the one that you see in all the baby magazines, she has her hair loose and flowing over her shoulders, wearing a beautiful maxi dress. Her ability to calmly control all of her 7 children leaves you staring in wonderment, which turns to amazement when she informs you that she grows all her own vegetables and raises chickens. A firm believer in co-sleeping and breastfeeding she  really is the epitany of the Earth Mother, you kind of want to hate her and her perfectness but then she offers you some homemade pie!

Geek Mum


Everyone kind of needs a geeky-mum, you know the ones that have read every article about every baby related thing on the planet. They are a font of knowledge for baby buys, baby wearing, weaning, colic and postnatal blues. These are the mum’s that run groups and know how to get you into the best play group, nursery or school. Sometimes their know-it-allness can really get your back up but you realise that they don’t mean to be so annoying they just want to help!

Fashionista Mum


You will never know how these Mum’s do it – they rock up to soft play or playgroup looking like something off of Mum vogue. They are the only Mums’ who can pull off the top knot and joggers without looking like something out of Little Britain, don’t be fooled into emulating them. It’s like trying to copy the flawless model in a magazine. Their kids are always clean and impeccably dressed too, and they don’t carry a mammoth sized changing bag, they have a stylish Michael Kors draped over their arm and Prada sunglasses on their head. You could easily be fooled into thinking that this Mum is the embodiment of the ‘cool’ girls in your secondary school – but actually when you start chatting you realise like the rest of us she is just a Mum (all be it a slightly more refined model).



We would all love to be this Mum, she gets to school on time every morning with her child in the correct uniform, home made super healthy lunch and the required art project tucked under her arm. Her children have slept through the night since they were 8 weeks old and eat broccoli willingly. Some how this Mum finds the energy to attend every baby class, hold coffee mornings and help out in the playground at lunchtime – seriously SuperMum we applaud you!



You will see this Mum whizzing down the road in her beautiful suit and high heels with her face fully made up, dropping her little darling at nursery before dashing off to the office. She expresses milk in her lunch hour and is always home for bedtime. When she finally gets some time off she is the one crawling through the soft play area or chasing her kids round the farm. Don’t be fooled into thinking this Mum isn’t in need of a friend just because she looks busy, we all need a buddy to help us through!

Mothering is a tough job and we all need a little support from other Mum’s to help us through the highs and lows, a good network of friends can see you through the most difficult times. It’s tough, but get yourself out there and meet your own Mummy Tribe, we recommend one from each category 🙂

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63 thoughts on “Mum’s I Meet”

    • I wish I was the fashionista, but I know that I am frazzled 🙁 Still I actually don’t know any fashionista’s personally, i just admire them from a distance! Thanks for commenting xx

    • I dream of being freestyling but that usually goes out the window by 7.45am – when I am bellowing downstairs to my preschooler to get dressed and to take his pants of the dogs head… Thanks for commenting x

    • In my mind I have the powers to be Supermum but usually end up frazzled! Still we have to have aspirations right? Thanks for commenting x

  • I love this! I know all these mums I am definitely the first one (but with one child lol) I had to buy some new clothes as literally ran out as all ruined lol #triballove

    • Well we always need an excuse to buy new clothes right?! I think I spent the first 8 weeks in only white tops as it hid any baby sick splodges! Thanks for commenting xx

  • Loved your fashionista Mum description. I reckon I’m a little bit of all of them apart from Geek Mum unfortunately because I’d love to be more technical and geeky. #fartglitter

    • Ah you must be kind of technical to have such a fab blog! I reckon I am missing the Supermum part, I never make it to school with all the required stuff… Thanks for commenting xx

  • Yes, I’ve seen each and every one of these!! I love the pictures to go with each one!! I’m always frazzled unfortunately… I’m never going to make the ranks of the Supermummy or the Fashionsta-as much as they may be my heroes!!! I like to check everyone out at a new group, and see if I think they fall into any of these categories!!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, I haven’t found many Fashionista’s yet, I think they must be a rare breed, maybe only found in the high class areas of London perhaps? I am always frazzled to some degree! xx

  • Great post! And of course, there’s the dads. There’s ‘attached to his phone talking loudly’ dad, there’s ‘vaping and sitting looking at your phone and never looking at your kids’ dad, there’s the dad who you don’t know if he’s a grandad or a dad, there’s groovy dad, who calls everyone ‘GUYS’… and so on and so on… 🙂

    • Ha ha I love this – you should do a Dad’s post, I think I have seen all of the ones you mentioned. Love the ‘vaping and staring a the phone’ Thanks for commenting, if you do the Dad Post let me know I would love to read it! x

  • Ha ha! I’m always feeling intimidated by the freestylers! I’m definitely frazzled with fashonista aspiratons #fartglitter

    • The freestylers are a force to be reckoned with indeed – I don’t know how they manage it… There seems to be a lot of aspiration towards fashionista’s, not many hitting the mark though! Thanks for commenting xx

  • Ahh this is great! I saw a fashionista mum at preschool the other day…I could not stop staring at her…she looked so amazing! AND she had two children! I was both impressed and envious…I am frazzled mum with just the one small person #bigpinklink

    • Oooh you saw the elusive fashionista, they are super rare! Can’t believe she had two children in tow – how do they do it?? Cheer up I am always frazzled, even more so now I have two of ’em 🙂 Thanks for commenting xx

    • Frazzled is ok – we are all frazzled at some point, personally I spend 98% of my time in frazzled and I never make supermum or fashionista! Thanks for commenting xx

    • That is the best way I reckon – take all the good bits from each and mould a hybrid model! Thanks for commenting xx

  • I know I am definately not the Fashionista! No way hoe say! I’d like to pick up a cross between geek Mum and Super Mum I’d take them! #triballove #bigpinklink

    • Yeh somewhere in between Geek Mum and Supermum is a pretty good place to be – least you always look like you know what you are doing! Alas for me I am safely in the Frazzled catergory. Thanks for commenting xx

    • Won’t be long Rach until you are carving your own path – least you are not stuck in the Frazzled mum stage yet 🙂 Thanks for commenting xx

  • Brilliant post! I don’t know where I fit in though, I am probably closest to ‘Frazzled Mum’. I would love to be Supermum but that I aint! Especially after taking Oldest to school in the wrong uniform yesterday – whoops! #puddinglove

    • Ha ha brilliant – least you got them to school – I am always the mum running down the road in the rain with no coat, a blanket over the babies head desperately trying to chuck the oldest through the school gate before they shut the gates! I am most certainly frazzled and never ever Supermum! Thanks for commenting xx

  • Frazzled mum! definitely frazzled mum! I think I would like to kid myself (and the husband, when I need a new handbag) that I am fashionista mum, but… alas, that would be a lie! #puddinglove

    • It is perfect acceptable to play up the fashionista part when new shoes or handbags are required! Thanks for commenting xx

  • I’m about to become MumBiz when I start back at work in a few weeks – I have no idea how that’s going to work! I’m more used to being Frazzled Mum – maybe I’ll just be a frazzled working mum. #PuddingLove

    • I am sure you will pull off that classy office look I see – even if you are putting your face on in the car at the other end, or plucking your eyebrows on the train. Good luck when you return to work! Thanks for commenting xx

    • It is most certainly dependent on what the day brings eh? Sometimes I can be frazzled before I even get my toe out of bed! Thanks for commenting xx

    • We all have to have aspirations! I would love to be Fashionista but as I barely managed this pre-children I doubt very much I will get there now! Thanks for linking and commenting xx

  • I’d love to think I’m Fashionista Mum, but in reality I’m with you being a Frazzled mum with a bit of Geek and a tiny smidge of Mumbiz through in for good meassure 🙂 Thanks for hosting #PuddingLove

    • You are def fashionista by the look of your lovely blog! I think all of us fall in the frazzled mum category at some point 🙂 Thanks for linking and commenting xx

  • Love this – brilliantly describes all the different types of mums out there. I am definitely Frazzled Mum! Thanks for hosting #PuddingLove 🙂

    • Ah another frazzled – we are starting a bit of a frazzled club I think! Must be the joys of small children and attempting to write a blog, we must be mad! Thanks for linking and commenting xx

    • Combo’s are good, I am hoping to be able to be more of a combo in the future but sadly at the moment I am def in the frazzled category with no sign of getting out! Thanks for commenting xx

  • I think I’m MumBiz with a little bit of co-sleeping and breastfeeding thrown in. I would like to be a fashionista again but I feel that my mojo has slipped a bit in that department, at least for the moment! #puddinglove

    • At least you used to be a fashionista, I have never managed such a thing. I would love to be a MumBiz but I just can’t handle the high heels! Thanks for commenting and linking xx

    • Glad you enjoyed it – frazzled geek is a good combo, I am so firmly frazzled, I can’t even manage a combo! Thanks for commenting xx

    • I don’t know how the earth mothers do it, they are such oceans of calm and serenity. I wish I could be like that but always end up bellowing up the stairs by 7.45am! Thanks for commenting xx

  • I think I have a little bit of all of those with the exception of the freestyling natural mama but it’s something I’m working on 😉 The one I share most with at the moment is frazzled mama although my hair is not too bad. #puddinglove “triballove

    • I would have said from your lovely blog you were more of a fashionista! I think everyone has a bit of frazzled in them at some point, unfortunately my hair always looks like something out of fraggle rock so I am never going to make it into fashionista! Thanks for commenting and linking up xx

  • Fabulous observations! I fear that even now, several years on, I am mostly the frazzled mum! I may have occasions as Geek Mum or even a flash of Supermum (rare but not unheard of!). You didn’t say which one you were? #PuddingLove

    • Oooh me I am def frazzled – I dont even have flashes of supermum! Maybe when my two get a bit older this could happen but I am so disorganised it seems unlikely… Thanks for commenting and linking xx

  • Like everyone else I am loving this post! I mostly feel like I am the “Frazzled” mom but not quite as bad as the description. Would of course love to be “super mom” and “fashionista mom” but you know how often do I really have it all together and look nice. Maybe once a week when my job requires to be in court.

    So glad you shared this. #TribalLove #puddingLove

    • Thanks for your lovely comment :)At least you are making it to fashionista/supermum once a week, I am lucky if I make that once a year! Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for linking xx

    • Absoloutely everyone has to go about it their own way – somedays its just whatever works! Thanks for linking and commenting xx

  • I love this post! So true but kind about every type of mum 🙂
    Well, I don’t need to tell you what kind I am…I’ve always aimed for the freeestyling natural mam (minus several kids), but fail miserably as I am just not zen enough!

    • I wish I was more zen – but any attempt of zen-ness is usually stomped out of me by 8am, especially on preschool days! Thanks for your lovely comment, I felt it was really important to be nice about all the types of Mums’ cos at the end of the day we all need each other and everyone has their own style xx

  • Ha ha I’m further along the parenting gig so my post of this kind was parents you’ll meet at your child’s school! I loved the Little Britain comment. So funny. Cool that you had this featured elsewhere. Well done chick. #BigPinkLink

  • I think this is great. I would hope that I am kind of a mix between the geek, the freestyling and the mum biz. I think there are parts of all of them that are great!! Not sure i’d want to be all of one other than supermum lol

    #bigpinklink #puddinglove #fartglitter #triballove

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