Bloggers Block – Things to Do when your Mojo Mooches off

Argh the last few weeks I have been blogging away, hardly finding the time to get all of my ideas out. But this last week. Oh man its like a huge fog has descended. I have nothing remotely interesting to say. I could tell you all about how Pudding is now crawling – check out Instagram to see the amount of mischief that little lady is getting into. Or I could happily tell you all about Pie’s first week at school. But in all honesty I don’t think my story telling is quite up to scratch and I wouldn’t do either justice. So whats a blogger to do when their mojo mooches off?Image result for lost mojo quotes

Well you may have seen that the last couple of weeks I have been handing out some blogger wisdom. If you are new to blogging or you aren’t a blogger you might not realise all the stuff that goes on in the background to make a blog successful. Unfortunately its not all about writing a piece and pressing the publish button. Hundreds of thousands of blog posts are written every day. Most of which go unnoticed by the vast majority of people. So if you don’t have a new post to write there is loads of stuff you can do to improve your visibility.

Tips to help you get your blog on when your mojo has gone
  • Spruce up your old posts – sort out those old blog posts that you are all but forgotten on your blog. Add some new images, add a pinnable image. Design an infographic to go with the post.  Then launch it like it’s a new shiney post. Tweet it, share it on Facebook and add it to stumble, All the things you would do with a new post, without the actual writing part!
  • Get on to Pinterest – there is some great stuff on Pinterest. Get pinning, researching, make a new board. Spend some time just enjoying other people’s work. You know the more you pin and share on pinterest the more visible your pins will be. You might find that one of your posts starts to get noticed a bit more.
  • Connect with other bloggers – sharing is caring in the blogging community. Put your keyboard down and spend some time reading other people’s material. You might find a new blog you love. You may even find some great content that inspires you to develop a point of view you had previously over looked.
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  • Join some blogging Facebook groups – these are great for sharing your content. Join some threads, rshare some love. Brilliant for post promotion and getting your face known in the wider blogging community.
  • Respond to your comments – I am hands up terrible for this. Wish I could keep on top of the comments on my blog. I have hundreds to respond too. I love reading the comments people have left and I always intend to reply to them. Go spend some time speaking with your audience. Find out what they like about your posts, whether they have posed any questions you want to answer in a follow-up post.
  • Have a play on Canva – this is my biggest time waster. I can spend ages playing about with graphics and ideas. You could design a new logo, or a new badge for a guest series. I often find I make the graphics before I write the blog post. It gives me time to let my mind wander around a subject.
  • Edit your photos and post on Instagram – get your Instagram profile looking beautiful by spending some time tarting up your pictures. Also a good time to go through and dish out lots of hearts and comments. Remember what I said about sharing is caring in blogger land?
  • Learn about some of the other social media platforms – I like to read about what makes the other areas of social media work for bloggers. Set up a Bloglovin account and try to build up a following there (if you work this out let me know!). Get active on Google+ or even LinkedIn. Share your content across new platforms, make new connections.
  • Send out some PR requests (if you like working with brands) – either over Twitter or direct to companies you would like to work with. Draft an email and get it out. Go and grab yourself some opportunities. Join The Blogger Programme and Bloggers Required to see what opportunities they have that you can pitch for.

There you are a few ideas to keep yourself busy when your blog mojo has a vacation. Of course you could just take a blogging holiday completely. A rest from the world of social media and blogging could be just what you need. Forcing yourself to be creative when you have nothing pressing to say is not in the best interest for your blog. Take a step back, relax. All work and no play remember….

12 thoughts on “Bloggers Block – Things to Do when your Mojo Mooches off

  1. Oh, some really brilliant ideas! I’ve been blogging for 3 months now and am just getting to the point where inspiration isn’t really there – I’ve written most of what I initially wanted to – so was beginning to struggle to know what to do next.. I’m going to bookmark this post so I can come back to it and it can remind me when I’m struggling, of some really great ideas! #EatSleepBlogRT
    Cherry – The Newby Tribe recently posted…How school failed my daughter.My Profile

  2. Great tips! I’ve lost my blogging mojo a bit recently and was struggling to get it back – I want to write but am short on ideas. You’re right, though – there are loads of things you can do when you’re not writing. Reading other blogs is a great idea, both for connecting with the community and getting inspiration for your own posts. #EatSleepBlogRT
    Squirmy Popple recently posted…How to be a “little scientist”My Profile

  3. I need to do all these things! I need another day in the week (or 3) to sort out graphics, photos and social media. I really don’t know how other working mums do this successfully!! So jealous!! #EatSleepBlogRT
    Sonia recently posted…Wait, Why are we Moving?My Profile

  4. Mine goes in waves that’s for sure, funny how sometimes an idea pops in my head unexpectedly. I never plan ahead (so naughty) so if I am out of ideas then I can’t post! I love playing on Instagram it’s my fav! great tips #eatsleepblogRT
    Mackenzie Glanville recently posted…Seven years ago . . . .My Profile

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