So you couldn’t give a crap about Klout? You Should!

Most of the internet have scorned the Klout algorithm recently. Well I say most of the internet, the reality is that unless you are trying to make an impact on social media you don’t even know what a Klout score is. Lets be honest a Klout score of 99 probably isn’t going to change your life. More importantly it’s probably not even possible. But a decent Klout score does come with some benefits.

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Just to give you a bit of an overview most people who don’t spend their lives on social media have a score of around 10-20. Popular opinion states that anything over 50 is heading in the right decision. Obama has a score of 98 (you would kind of hope the US President had a good bit of Klout.) The pro-bloggers are sitting in the 70s.

Having a good Klout score isn’t automatically going to bring extra work your way. What it can do is raise your profile and make you raise your online presence. Think of Klout as a way of measuring your own effectiveness on social media. Because it breaks down which areas your score is coming from it can highlight the areas you need to improve. For example my Klout score is mainly derived from my Twitter presence. My Facebook page isn’t really pulling it’s weight and my LinkedIn profile is barely registering.

The other nice thing you can do on Klout is hand out some K+ to your fellow bloggers. It’s such a quick and easy job. Now you only get 10 of these beauties a day so use them wisely. Everyone on Klout gets a load of categories they are ‘expert’ in. Don’t be alarmed if yours are random. For example I am an expert in Pudding (believe me there are worse things to be expert in!). You can award your precious K+ to anyone’s expertise. In return you kind of hope they will do the same to you (so choose wisely).

Giving and getting K+ will improve your Klout score but not in the same way improving your social media reach will. For example my score might get a 0.05% bump from getting 10 K+ a day. But I can get a 0.80 bump from a busy day on one of the social media platforms.

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The best way to use Klout to improve your online presence is to make sure you link all your social media profiles. The main ones being Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +. These are the channels that directly effect your Klout score. As previously mentioned my Facebook page isn’t helping me out much on Klout. This shows me that this is a social media platform that I need to work on. With millions of users, Facebook is not one of the areas you want to be falling behind on! Likewise with LinkedIn, this is now the 3rd biggest social media platform. It’s also where freelance writers and bloggers could potentially gain new contacts and new opportunities.

Are you starting to see what Klout can do for you? If you want to be a giant across all social media platforms this is going to help.  Not only does Klout highlight those social media platforms that need some work it can also show you how effective your marketing strategy is.

For example, I only joined Instagram about 2 months ago. I had no idea what I needed to do to grow my following. I read a few posts, did a bit of research. Developed a strategy and set about testing it. The strategy I chose was very time-consuming and I have to say not that effective. I didn’t see a rise in my Instagram followers and I didn’t see much of a rise on Klout either. So I changed my strategy. Within in 4 weeks I had doubled my Instagram following and had a corresponding 3 point bump on Klout. My Instagram profile now contributes nearly 40% to my Klout score!

So there you have it. The two main reasons you should give a crap about Klout. It can give you great insight into your reach across all social media platforms. As well as help you to measure how effective your engagement across social media is.

Do you use Klout? In you opinion is it worthwhile in growing your social media presence?

20 thoughts on “So you couldn’t give a crap about Klout? You Should!”

  • I keep an eye on Klout but that’s all. It’s great that you find it useful but I don’t think brands are all that bothered about it now, and for readers it was never on the radar. It used to be that brands would ask for bloggers with Klout of 60+ to participate in campaigns but now they’re either looking for definite evidence of engagement or minimum DA score.

    One tip for Klout which I think is useful – disengage any metrics you don’t really use, as they will drag down your average score. You don’t have to link everything up, even though it looks as though you do.

    • I agree that brands don’t have much interest in Klout these days. Thanks for the tip about disengaging the unused social media platforms. I think that is very useful for people who are not active across all of the available channels. Thanks very much for commenting

    • Mine does fluctuate as well – I believe its because it looks at how active you are every day. SO if you have day where you tweet and retweet loads, add loads of photos to instagram and post a new post on Facebook then you get a little bump. But then if the next day you only tweet, then your score goes down a bit again.

  • Very interesting. I’ve been looking a little at my klout recently. It feeds into Tots 100 and Rise rankings doesn’t it? Didn’t understand about giving Klout though. Will try this 😀

  • I’ve tried to get into Klout a few times and it still baffles me, to be honest. I don’t think my score is ever going to be that good because I’m not on Instagram and don’t want to link up my professional LinkedIn page. I don’t like focusing on numbers too much anyway – it takes away from the fun of blogging! #EatSleepBlogRT

  • I am happy with my Klout score but I think it’s a bit stupid. Mine is nearly as high as some great brands and I am a no one, so it’s a bit weird! I found your next post : How did you grow on your instagram? We want to know it all haha #EatSleepBlogRT

  • I used to follow my Klout religiously, then it started getting me down a bit! Now I do keep an eye on it but more as a marker for how I’m doing rather than the be-all and end-all! #EatSleepBlogRT

  • Is it bad that I have never herd of this? I guess I just do the things I love to do, I write, I share, I spend time on Instagram because it’s my fav social media, and I am happy. Maybe I should be more focussed? #eatsleepblogRT

  • I stopped giving a crap because I realised I couldn’t master it but you’ve made me rethink that decision now! I’m going to have to give it a chance again and try and get better, maybe one day I can compete Obama (maybe in like 40 years when he is to old to care about Twitter etc)


  • I have Klout but it’s not something I keep an eye on, I just logged on to find a score of 62. I’m also an expert in pudding yay! #eatsleepblogRT

  • My Klout score has gone up and down so many times, especially since I found out about it around six months ago. It’s a good way to track where you need to improve I think! #eatsleepblogrt

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