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Petite Pudding was born from the desire to carve out some space for me, where I could document and focus on the areas in my life. It’s been quite a journey and I have found writing and blogging very therapeutic in the last few months. When I was offered the opportunity to review one of the Writing for Wellbeing Journals; created by Orsolya, I thought this would be a really interesting item to explore.

Lightbulb Moment

If you haven’t heard of Orsolya Hernold before then let me introduce you;

“Orsolya Hernold, or Orsi for short, is a coach and trainer that lives in Budapest, Hungary with her partner Zoli and their two young children. Orsolya has been journaling for over twenty years; a venture that started when she began diarizing a journey she was on. She was then fortunate enough to have mentors guide her through some powerful writing lessons.

Since then, she has written about her newborn children, analyzed conflicts in relationships, looked at the purpose of life and so much more. Orsolya fully believes that journaling has enabled her to lead a more conscious life and helped with her own personal development.

Orsolya’s website, orzola.org, offers free guided journaling courses that focus on one specific area of someone’s life at a time. These courses have high-quality journals to accompany them, should the journaling enthusiast wish to have something physical to write in. So far, the subjects covered by orzola.org have been ‘Start Journaling,’ which aimed to help establish the journaling habit, as well as ‘An Important Relationship,’ which helps people to focus on a key relationship in their life.”

I was sent the guided journal with a focus on an important relationship, this really suited me and I could have chosen several people on which to focus my writing on. It is quite a personal area and for this reason I have chosen not to share the in-depth writing in the journal with you but to talk more about the processes and the journey involved. (If you are wondering why I have chosen to do this it is because I do not want the person whom the journal reflects to read through the intricacies of our relationship and feel hurt or misjudged).

Orsolya Journal

The guided journal begins with a message from Orsolya and she invites you to pick any relationship that you would like to focus on, it doesn’t have to be negative, it can be a really positive happy relationship that you want to continue enjoying. For me I chose a less than ideal relationship, that I wanted to work on. One that needed quite a lot of work and had some deep-seated issues that I felt would be worth exploring. Orsolya also includes a contract at the beginning, this is more of a commitment to yourself that you will persevere with what could potentially be a difficult journey. The whole of the journal is focused on a 7 week period, with the idea that you use the guided headings everyday to help focus your thoughts on the relationship you have chosen. It’s the perfect thing to sit with while you enjoy a quiet cup of tea!

Cup of Tea

To begin the journal you are asked to write about the relationship past, Orsolya provides some bullet points to help structure your thoughts but in essence it is for you to objectify the relationship, whilst telling the story of the past. Once this has been completed, you can move on to focusing on the week by week goals. Week One concentrates on how the relationship is at the moment and how you feel about the person at this specific moment in time, at the end of the week you reflect on what you have learnt about yourself and the relationship. For me Week One was hard for me, there were lots of past elements that were clearly impacting on my current relationship and lots of my own internal negative thoughts that were dictating all of our interactions. Yet when I spoke to an outsider about the relationship in question, they did not see any negativity between us which was quite interesting. So far I have only completed the first week and am moving on this week to look at the area Orsolya calls ‘Self Talk’.

Orsolya Journal

I have been quietly impressed with the guided journal and it has helped me to think about the relationship in question from angles I had not contemplated before. The journal itself is attractive, quite retro looking and I really like the orange. Something about it makes me want to pick it up. The A5 size makes it easy to slip into your handbag as well. I don’t think I would buy it as a gift for someone as its quite a personal item and a very personal journey in my experience.

If you think that you might like to have a look through one of Orsolya’s guided journals you can find them online at http://orzola.org/  and http://orzola.org/my-journal-store/ You can also find Orsolya on Facebook & Twitter

This review is my own opinion and no payment was received – I did receive the journal free of charge in order to conduct the review.

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