Stylish Blogs You Need To Follow

There are so many fantastic blogs out there, covering all subjects. For me when I am reading a blog or looking for inspiration I like to look at these super stylish blogs. Their clear-cut graphics and simplistic themes make reading a pleasure. Of course it also helps that they are full of fantastic content. If you haven’t seen some these beautiful sites I urge you to go check them out.

Inspired by Style

My Petit Canard

This was one of the first blogs I discovered. I love the simplistic header and unusual name. But what really got me was the amazing pictures. Artistically shot and with care given to the composition of the picture. Emily has a great writing style too and I recommend you check out her #breastfeedingstories guest post series.

Island Living 365

I love Emma’s blog! It is one of my absolute favourites. The layout is so simple and the header is very stylish. Again the photographs Emma posts are always perfect and look great with the posts. But Island Living 365 is not a blog with all style and no substance. Emma writes not just about her family and day-to-day life but also tackles current issues. I love this recent post about Why Blogging is A Feminist Act

You Can't Have Style if You Don't Have Substance

Candyfloss & Dreams

A relatively new acquaintance to me. Kat’s blog is full of bold script and pinnable pictures. I like the theme and its so easy to navigate through her content. It’s a stylish theme, that is just a bit different to the other blogs out there. There are a range of posts but I found Using Social Media to Grow Your Online Business had some really useful tips.

Love From Mim

This is one of those blogs that really inspires me to work on my own blog layout! I love the sliders, the easily navigation and the fantastic pictures. Cool and stylish Love from Mim was designed for reading pleasure. I have to say I struggle to find just one post that Mim has written to feature, because I enjoy her writing so much. However after much debate, I recommend Mim’s post on getting more retweets on Twitter, I really appreciate it when a blogger takes the time to share useful information with the rest of us.

Diary of a Dad

A blog that shows blogs don’t have to be all flowers and butterflies to be beautiful. Tom’s blog has the most amazing logo which I just adore. The blog itself is clean-cut and unlike the my other favourites it’s not covered in amazingly ‘perfect’ pictures. A bold typeface with the space given over to well-constructed content, drawing you into read the post. The blog has a wholesome, sturdy feel to it, which I like! I have been enjoying the Calypso Holiday hacks post and this one with the indoor scavenger hunt is a brilliant idea.

Hope you agree that these are some super stylish blogs. I know that having spent the morning happily perusing them that I am itching to go and start messing with my own blog. Have you got any favourites that inspire you?




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