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This is the first post in our Inspirational Parents series, this week our guest is Amy Jackson from The Lily Mae foundation. This is a charity close to my heart as its one of the ones that my Special Care Baby Unit work quite closely with and I was chuffed when Amy agreed to answer some of my interview questions, I will leave her to tell you a bit about how The Lily Mae Foundation began and what they are doing with all the money they raise.


LILY MAE FULL COLOUR LOGOTell me a bit about your amazing girl Lily Mae and her story;

Amy and Family
Amy and Family

Lily Mae was born on the 7th Feb 2010, she was our much longed for 2nd child. We didn’t know until we found out her heart had stopped that she was a girl. This was a bitter blow to us as we had a four year old boy at the time and had hoped for a little girl to complete our family. Lily Mae’s pregnancy was relatively uncomplicated and I was 36 +5 when we found out that her heart had stopped. I had noticed a lack of movements one day so went into be checked but unfortunately a scan revealed the sad news. I was sent home from hospital that Friday evening and asked to return 2 days later to be induced to deliver Lily. The day Lily was born will stay with me forever, I remember every tiny detail like it has been etched into my memory.

Who or what was your most important support network/mechanism

Following Lily’s birth I started receiving support from our local Sands (Still Birth and Neonatal Death Charity) group and met a really lovely girl who gave me great support in the early days. I also spent hours trawling the Internet and made another great friend virtually through a forum who had lost her little girl just before me and lived in Devon. We became great friends and having her going through it at the same time as me really helped. My friends and family were also amazing, they were there for me 24/7 and supported us as a family.

What would be your best piece of advice for other parents who are going through similar experiences 

Get support from other bereaved parents, they know exactly what you are going through and will be a great pillar of support and advice.

Why did you choose to set up the Lily Mae Foundation? 

We initially started fundraising by holding a Golf Day 12 weeks after we lost Lily to raise money for our local Sand’s who had supported us and also it was my husbands way of coping and keeping busy. After two years we then decided to go it alone so we could do exactly what we, or other parents, wanted with the money we had raised. I also wanted to start providing Memory Boxes as I felt that collecting Lily’s memories was so important. We had struggled to do this and source the things we wanted when under such time constraints.

Has it been tough returning to the hospitals where Lily Mae was cared for?

I found it very hard to go back to the hospital and luckily didn’t have to for a while. Eventually I had to go back to see a dentist, who found it very strange that I cried the whole time. I think she thought I was very scared of seeing her!!!

What has been your proudest moment since starting the charity?

Seeing how important our memory boxes and support for families is.

   .Memory box boy Lily Mae Foundation

What kind of fundraising have you been involved in for the Lily Mae Foundation?

We have held a Golf Day and Dinner Dance every year since losing Lily. We have just held the 7th Golf Day on April 8th 2016 at the Belfry where we had over 260 people attend and raised £11300; our most successful year yet.

Have you got any events this year that people could get involved in?

We run a Fun Run every year in Balsall Common, this year it’s on Sunday 25th Sep, entry is now open and you can apply here:

I would like to say a huge thank you to Amy for writing such honest answers, she is truly inspirational. Amy and The Lily Mae Foundation are doing a really great job at providing bereaved parents with a beautiful memory box, it doesn’t take the pain away but it gives them something to treasure while their hearts are breaking. If you would like to make a donation or get involved with The Lily Mae Foundation, please visit their website or click here to go to the justgiving page.

If you would like to know more about Sands you can find them online at 

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    • She really is amazing – thanks for commenting and I hope you can find the time to check out the website x

  • What an inspirational story indeed! Thank you for sharing Amy’s story and about the Lily Mae Foundation. #triballove

    • It always amazes me how strong some people are – there really are some inspirational families out there. Thanks for commenting xx

  • I am in tears reading this – Amy is an inspiration and I am so glad you’ve had the chance to educate people about the Lily Mae Foundation. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday xx

    • An amazing charity run by some inspirational people. Definitely worthwhile highlighting and promoting, I hope that my post has provided them with more support and donations. Thanks you for commenting xx

  • This has made me feel so moved. Those memory boxes are beautiful but it’s just tragic thinking about parents taking one of them home instead of their precious baby. What an inspirational lady she is. Wonderful idea for a series. #bigpinklink

    • You are right, no one should have to take one of these boxes home in place of their much longed for baby, its not something that any family should have to go through. Amy and her family are an inspiration for us all finding such strength under the most difficult circumstances. Thanks for commenting and hosting xx

    • I agree, they are a remarkable family doing a fantastic job providing support to families at a truly terrible time in their lives. Thanks for commenting

    • I can only imagine how hard it was for Amy to share her story, she really is a remarkable family. The memory boxes can provide comfort for families at the worst time of their lives and this is a charity that needs more support and awareness for the fantastic work that they do. Thanks for commenting xx

    • The memory boxes are such a simple yet powerful idea and can be a real comfort to families who have had to go through such painful experiences. You are right they are an amazing family doing amazing work. Thanks for commenting and linking up xx

    • Such a strong and dedicated family, who can really connect with other parents in the worst of situations. A great charity that needs much more support and awareness. Thanks for commenting xx

  • What a moving and inspirational article. I truly admire Amy and her strength and commitment to the cause through such a painful experience. The boxes are beautiful… x #puddinglove

    • Amy is truly amazing, I don’t know where she finds the strength after such an experience but she is an inspiration to us all and this a cause that lies so close to my heart. i hope my post will bring some support and awareness to a worthy charity. Thanks for commenting and linking up x

    • The memory boxes are fantastic and they really are a comfort to parents, nothing takes the pain away but being able to have some beautiful keepsakes to look at when they are ready is a lovely idea. Thanks for commenting and linking up x

    • This def is a cause that needs more coverage and loads more support – thank you for commenting and linking up x

  • What an amazing cause, and what a strong lady Amy is. My son was stillborn at full term also, so I understand the pain they are going through. We have been fundraising for SANDS for the last decade in his memory and it definitely helps to feel that you are giving something back. I will be sharing this cause, thank you for telling us about it. #puddinglove

    • Thank you for your comment, I am sorry to hear that you have had a similar loss, its something that no mother should ever have to face. I take my hat off to you and Amy for being so strong and finding the inner strength to give back to others xx

    • It is a great charity working for a really worthwhile cause. Thanks very much for commenting and linking up xx

  • Thank you so much for sharing this story! I spent most of my pregnancy being prepared for this to happen but ended up with a miracle baby instead. I think it’s so great that they took something so difficult to deal with and turned into such an inspiration. Really warms your heart. I will have to see if we have any kind of charities like this near me. Thanks again! #puddinglove #KRACOLS

    • It was pleasure to share Amy’s story, she is truly amazing and I hope that my post will highlight the great work her charity does to a few more people. Thanks for commenting and linking up xx

  • This is such a touching and inspirational story. What an amazing cause. Although it’s painful story , it’s so lovely that Amy and The Lily Mae Foundation are helping other bereaved parents.
    Laura xx

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday:)

    • Thanks for commenting – a very touching story and Amy is an amazingly strong lady. I hope that my post has raised awareness of this great charity and the fantastic work they are doing x

    • I am glad that her story impacted on you – Amy really is amazing and it has been an honour for me to share the work her charity does. Thanks for commenting x

  • I found this so hard to read, just because I cannot imagine the pain of going through something like that, and reading of this experience you can’t help but put yourself in those shoes. Heartbreaking. I really hope your just giving page does well. #KCACOLS

    • Thanks for your lovely comment – it really is a hard breaking story and to be so strong as to set up the Lily-Mae Foundation, is just amazing x

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Amy really is doing great work and this is a fantastic charity in need of highlighting xx

  • Quite a hard read and I am amazed at the strength of this family. The memory boxes are a touching idea and it takes an incredible person to do such selfless work to help others. Thank you so much for linking up to the #DreamTeam x

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