#EatSleepBlogRT Linky – Welcome to Week 1

Week 1 – Introductions

Hey there!

Welcome to our first week of #EatSleepBogRT – we are excited to have you join us for the relaunch of #PuddingLove with our fabulous and permanent co-host Rachel from Life of My Family and Me. Hopefully this linky will be even better with an even more fabulous community.

Please check out the new rules below because we have had a bit of a re-jig. With more and more linkys out there we wanted to make this one a bit different. So although we still ask you to comment on a few posts this linky is more about retweeting and sharing others comments. It still has the essence of #PuddingLove at heart in that it should be a linky you give as much to as you can but if you just need a quick linky one week that is ok too!

For my first #EatSleepBlogRT post I have chosen this weeks Newbie Showcase post from @thesunshinespot. Be great if you can check this out and share it a few times. Nice to help other newbies to get the word out about their hard work!

Right that’s enough from me – get yourself linked up and retweeting!

Zoe x



Welcome to the #EatSleepBlogRT linky! We know there are loads of linky’s out there so we have designed this one to help drive more traffic to your blog by asking people to retweet posts on Twitter as well as to comment. As hosts we will retweet your blog when you link up and when we comment. So that is 4 retweets already! Sharing is caring so the more retweets you do the better. The person with the most shares on social media will also get a backlink the following week as well as our favourite post.

Linky Rules

    • You can link up to 2 posts – old or new of any subject. Please only link one review/giveaway each week.
    • Linky runs 8pm Sunday – Tuesday 8pm
    • Please put our lovely badge on so that we can show off its fabulous design!
    • Comment on at least two posts (they don’t have to be the hosts post but we always love it when you do!)
    • Both hosts will comment on all the posts linked up by the following week (if we are a bit slow some weeks, bare with us we are busy ladies, we will get there I promise!)
    • Please retweet at least 3 posts on twitter using the #EatSleepBlogRT hashtag (if you don’t use the tag we won’t know who was the most sharing caring person!)
    • Hosts will retweet when you link up and when we comment. We will also retweet if you tag us in the posts you retweet (crikey thats a lot of retweets!)
    • We will pick one post each week as our featured post
    • The person who retweets the most will also get featured with a back link
    • Tag @petite_pudding & @mrs_rachb when you link up

So their you have it – simple right? Lets get out there and set the Twitter world alight with our blog sharing!

Petite Pudding


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