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Welcome Back!

So after our week off to regroup I am pleased to announce that I have a fabulous new co-host for #EatSleepBlogRT. Drum Roll please….. Can I get a big shout to  Catie from Diary of An Imperfect Mum. Catie is an amazing blogger and if you aren’t familiar with her blog you should definitely go over for a visit. I am delighted to have her come and join me as a permanent co-host.

With a new co-host comes a new slightly updated badge and a little re-jig to the linky rules. Due to the increasing popularity of the linky we have made a few changes. To really make this the retweet linky we have reduced the number of required comments and increased the amount of shares. To help Catie and I we have also decided that we will tweet all posts but share the commenting between us. Please check out the full rules below before you link!

I am sure that you are all interested to know what the top post for last #EatSleepBlogRT and I am pleased to say that Becky from Sparkly Mummy chose Broken Crayons – By What My Fridge Says. It was a beautiful post and actually moved Becky to tears. Grab yourself a Top Post Badge!

Petite Pudding


We had a tie for Top Tweeter – a shared crown for @hipsterbloggo and @mummy_mindful. Grab yourselves a badge each ladies!

Petite Pudding

Right with out more ado. Get yourselves linked up! Lets see if we can get trending on Twitter this evening 🙂

Zoe x

Welcome to the #EatSleepBlogRT linky! We know there are loads of linky’s out there so we have designed this one to help drive more traffic to your blog by asking people to retweet posts on Twitter as well as to comment. As hosts we will retweet your blog when you link up and when we comment. So that is 4 retweets already! Sharing is caring so the more retweets you do the better. The person with the most shares on social media will also get a backlink the following week.

Linky Rules

    • You can link 1 post – all subjects welcome
    • Linky runs from 8pm Sunday until 8pm Tuesday.
    • Please put our lovely badge on so that we can show off its fabulous design!
    • Comment on the post before yours.
    • Retweet at least 5 posts on twitter using the #EatSleepBlogRT hashtag (including the hosts posts)
    • Hosts will retweet when you link up (if you tag us in your tweet) and when we comment.
    • We will pick one post each week as our featured post
    • A Host will comment on all posts linked up.

Simple right? Lets get out there and set the Twitter world alight with our blog sharing!



Catie & Zoe
Petite Pudding

2 thoughts on “#EatSleepBlogRT – Reloaded! The Best Sharing Linky”

  • Thank you ladies 💋 Very appreciated and feeling humble. Sorry for making Becky cry – not intentional 🙂 this weeks is about fairies so may pick the pace up haha x

  • Well done whatmyfridgesays for top post – it was fully deserved – so beautifully written. Love that you have Catie on board Zoe – sounds like a dream team to me. (sorry I am a complete fan of both of you and whatmyfridge…. so get a bit gushy at times – especially as I’m usually typing with a glass of wine next to me!) I will grab my top tweeter badge with pride as I always worry I am lagging behind on this front so this is very reassuring indeed! Thanks for hosting a fab linky (gushing again – soz!). xx

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