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I remember when I was pregnant I had all these ideas of the type of parent I was going to be. I had in mind that I was going to be this calm collected parent that had it all sussed out. I was going to make sure Ava slept in her own bed had a strict routine. I wasn’t going to stray away from that.

The first few months I did pretty well at this. Ava was such an easy baby I mean she very rarely cried so it made being new parents so much easier than we expected. Then things change the tiredness starts and you will do anything for a few hours shut-eye. Most nights now me and Ava co-sleep in the spare room. I mean she goes to sleep fine she must just miss me in the middle of the night. Every night she screams at about 12. Then as soon as we get in bed together she is comforted and goes straight back to sleep.

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You are constantly having people’s opinions thrusted into your face with how you should be doing things. Especially when it comes to sleeping and weaning. You can become so lost in a sea of opinions and which one is the best to listen to.

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I have come to learn that you need to do what is best for you and your little family. Be the parent you want to be not what other people want you to be. If something doesn’t agree with you like letting your children cry at bed time, don’t do it. It may work for other children but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for yours. If you want to do baby led weaning then do it! Don’t let anybody persuade you to do it another way. You need to do what is best. Let’s face it only you know what’s actually best for your child even though others may think they do.

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Jessica is a new mum to baby Ava, born this year. Currently on maternity she is just starting out in the blogging world, whilst juggling a foundation degree in Early Childhood Studies! Aided by her trusty dog Kya you can follow her journey at Beauties & The Bibs. Some beautiful pictures of Jessica and her family as well as fantastic writing. Would also be fab if you followed Jessica on Twitter and Facebook.

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