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Unfortunately, as parents, household chores are unavoidable. Our children are unbelievably messy. It feels as though no matter how hard we try, cleanliness is an impossible thing to achieve. Even after spending hours with a vacuum cleaner attached to the arm, the kids still have the ability to destroy all of the hard work that we’ve done. It doesn’t take them long at all (Sometimes minutes!). It drives me MAD.

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I have no problem with toys being over the floor during the day. Because after all, ‘A messy home is a happy home’. However, toy mess is one thing. But food mess is a completely different kettle of fish.
No matter what food the kids eat, I can almost guarantee that most of it will end up on the floor. Of course, the toddler is the worst. But to be honest, the twins aren’t much better. I can’t stand food mess. Whether it’s crumbs over the carpet, sweets down the edge of the sofa or banana skins left on the coffee table. It’s gross. The kids however, don’t seem to care! This is what I want to change.
The twins are 8 years old now and I want them to start realising the hard-work that goes into cleaning up after them. My partner and I ensure that they clean their rooms regularly. (Although most of the time they just shove it under their bed). We get the toddler to clean up her toys after she’s finished playing with them. As they get older, I slowly intend to introduce them to new chores. I hope that it will embed a sense of responsibility into the kids and in turn, improve their independence.
At what age do you/did you begin to introduce your children to chores?

 Introducing The Dad of Design

Our guest blogger this week is Nick from The Dad of Design. A father of three, all daughters and a designer on the side! Nick is a really fresh face on the blogging scene. We like his honest writing style about every day things. You can find The Dad of Design on Twitter, pop over and say Hi! Don’t forget to tell him Pudding sent you 🙂

18 thoughts on “The Dad of Design: Children & Chores”

  • I remember seeing posts on Pinterest with suggested chores for different ages and I pretty much incoporate some but I do try to remember that all children are different and what one child will find easy another may not. All children don’t have amazing hand-eye coordination or great organisation skills. For example, a 4 year old should be able to make a bed apparently but mine definitely isn’t quite capable although she makes a good effort at trying. My 1 year old knows what tidy up time means and knows how to put the blocks away or put the toys in the toy box. So I guess it’s each to their own, to their childs best ability?

  • When you find out the answer, please do tell! My two (4 and 2) are both very rubbish at helping – although in actual fact my 4yo is brilliant at tidying up WHEN he is in the right mood…
    I look forward to reading more of your blog – and feel free to check out my Beta Daddies post and let me know if you want to join in! 🙂

  • Interesting point… I suppose we do incorporate some chores. Our 3 year old knows to put her dishes in the dishwasher (and for now thinks it is fun!) The 1 yr old…just throws food everywhere…he is a work in progress! #PuddingLove

  • Our kids don’t have official chores to do but we try to include them in things like loading the diishwasher and sweeping the floor. We make a point of saying that our family is a team and so we work together to keep the house nice……. that’s the theory anyway! In practice, it is mummy who does the majority. C’est la vie! #PuddingLove

  • Our little girl is a stickler for being tidy so has always been happy to help tidy away her toys and especially likes helping put away her clothes. She is 3 now so understands which drawer is for what bit of clothing. That’s about as far as chores go just yet! Popping by for -#puddinglove

  • My little girl is nearly 6 months and I want to start her on chores as soon as she is old enoughas thats wht me and my isiters were taught. picking up toys and putting them away doesn’t take long xx


  • Not chores per se, but my 3yo is a great little helper and fetcher and actually, is fantastic given her age. She knows what can be recycled and which bin it goes into, she can remove a nappy from the baby and give her a swift wet wipe (!), she knows where certain clothes live so can help me put washing away…I forget sometimes that she’s only wee. Ought to give her pocket money, really 😉 #PuddingLove

  • My first son loved to help out for the first 7-8 years but has worsened as the teenage years have progressed.

    Little one is very keen but still at that point where it makes everything take longer and often still isn’t done!


  • I have a sign in my house…a tidy home is a sign of a wasted life…but I do agree on the food spills!!! With twins also its double the crumbs! We like to make games out of chores and this seems to work really well – always up for a spot of healthy competition! Really enjoyed reading your post! #Puddinglove

  • I read this as I stare at our family room covered in popcorn.. It’s movie day. I guess that’s my fault. 🙂 My kids do their chores fantastically. But yes, even that doesn’t seem to help…#puddinglove

  • Aww my house is pretty messy all day and then I do a quick blitz when Emma is in bed to make my OCD happy…I find it frustrating tidying all day though, as it just keeps getting messy again! Fab post xx #puddinglove

  • My older 2 girls (11 and 16) have to keep their rooms tidy and Hoover them at least once a weekand the 16yr old has to unload the dishwasher and put everything away and the 11yr old is responsible for emptying the recycling bin that is in the kitchen in to the outside bin, my youngest is only 20mnths so all we really do with her at the moment is to encourage her to but her dulpo bricks away when she’s not playing with them – it’s a bit hit and miss but she’s getting there ! #puddinglove

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