7 Ways to Make Sure You Are a Happy and Healthy Mommy

Being a mom requires a lot of time, energy and putting your every waking thought into your little one first and mommy last. Being a wife, or stay at home mommy requires a lot of putting your little one and your husbands needs first. And sometimes it is difficult to find that much-needed and highly spoken about, “me time.” It may be hard to find that extra time to yourself each day, but no matter what you need to make sure you are happy and healthy and your needs are met as well. A happy, healthy mommy equals a happy and healthy family. Now it’s time to take care of you.

7 ways that a busy mommy can make sure she is happy and healthy and take care of herself…

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    Put aside a scheduled amount of time each week for you. Even if this means a couple of hours when your husband gets home from work. A couple of hours to put aside as time for you to catch up on some reading, TV shows, or even shopping is very important. Yes, we are highly needed by our kids and husbands…but what about us? We need that time just like everyone else so that we don’t forget about who we are and that we are worth more than just being a mom and wife every day.
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    Read for at least 20 minutes each day. It could be surfing the internet, reading a chapter out of your favorite book or article. As long as you give your mind 20 minutes to wander into another world then you are good!

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  • Have a set time to wake up in the morning and go to bed at nightIf you set a routine for yourself, it will make it easier on you to get things done during the day…in turn making more time for you at the end of the day. A proper amount of sleep can make you or break you. Too much sleep can make you sleepier, and enough sleep will make you feel energized and awake. There is also a link between illness and sleep deprivation. So stay healthy and sleep when you can, but not too much
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  • Feed your brain and body. Make sure you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner! I know it sounds so ridiculous that I am saying this. As a mommy you know that there are times when we don’t have time to make ourselves breakfast or lunch. A good way to find time to eat breakfast is to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier in the morning. This gives you a chance to eat something in the morning and possibly set something aside for lunch that day. Even if it is just a sandwich and some fruit, it is fueling you mind and body.
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  • Say “yes” to other obligations less and “yes” to your hubby and your baby more. Setting aside time that will benefit you and your family at the same time is important. A fully booked schedule all the time is not allowing you any room to make for time for yourself or your family. You will undoubtably feel as if you are falling behind on life.
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  • Make sure you get outside every single day. If you can add-on an exercise while getting outside, then you kill two birds with one stone.  Getting out into fresh air is revitalizing, refreshing, healthy and can set the tone for your whole day. I like to get outside in the morning when the air is fresh or later in the evening when the sun is setting. This is when I take a walk with my daughter and fiancé. I get outside and burn some calories at the same time. It is not healthy for the mind to be stuck inside your house day after day.
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  • Set aside time every night for your bedtime routine. Don’t neglect what makes you feel good about you. You will hear most new moms say, “I haven’t showered in 3 days!” Honestly I was like that. I put my needs and hygiene aside to make sure others were bathed, clothed and fed. If mom isn’t bathed, clothed and fed then you will have one unhealthy and unhappy mommy. Take that time to breathe, reflect and think to yourself. You will also sleep better at night if shower or bathe before bedtime.

I know that these ideas for how to stay healthy as a busy mom are not extravagant and fancy…. but they are realistic, basic and MUCH needed every day for your sanity as a human being and as a mom. If mom isn’t happy there is no way that the rest of your family can be happy. Your baby can feel your stress and your anxiety. So relieve your baby of that un-needed stress and take care of yourself. In the long run it will not only benefit you, but it will benefit your family as well, having a healthy and happy head of the house!

What do you do on a daily basis to make sure you are healthy and happy?

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18 thoughts on “7 Ways to Make Sure You Are a Happy and Healthy Mommy”

  • Some great tips here but I know I would struggle with a couple as they require you to leave the child/children which is not so easy as s single parent.

  • I do try to do all these things but I think I need to try a bit harder as they NEVER happen (well, I always eat three meals a day but usually it’s also another three on top). On the plus side, we tend to get out of the house about four times a day – a large dog, two small children and a tiny house means it’s a necessity! Thanks for hosting #EatSleepBlogRT

  • What a great post! I am a stay at home mummy but I also run my own handmade online business, as well as blogging so I am always so busy. I never normally set aside time for myself but I have just come back from a girly weekend away and I feel like superwoman ready to tackle it all again. xx


  • I wish I’d have read this at the beginning of the day. What a parp day it has been. Mostly because I need a bit of me time where there isn’t someone whinging or whining. Definitely taking that advice and love reading books when I get chance. A great informative blog with lovely use of images too. Gem x

  • Great advice – not always so easy to put into practice, but good to aim for. I totally agree with getting out of the house – I don’t think I’ve stayed in all day once since my eldest child was born!

  • Great advice – I made a point of having a shower everyday when my daughter was born. Sometimes it wasn’t until 9pm but it always made me feel better and a bit more in control. #EatSleepBlogRT

  • These tips are great! I love spending time outside (especially in the summer) to just rejuvenate my life. Sleep is really important to me as well. I try not to lose track of eating – I did that a lot when my kids were little. I love your whole list!

  • This is such a great list! I feel like I probably do half of these regularly and need to work on others. I’m terrible at getting into a night time routine. Thanks for sharing!#eatsleepblogRT

  • I agree that setting aside ‘me’ time is so important. You need it to feel like yourself, even if you just spend it blogging (like I do!). Getting outside is important too – when i was on maternity leave, I took my daughter out every day no matter what the weather – and there’s A LOT of rain in Scotland. #EatSleepBlogRT

  • Great advice, I started blogging to have an adult focus during nap and bedtimes and it’s nice to have something to get my brain going! #eatsleepblogrt

  • These are great tips! I particularly like the one about saying “yes” to other obligations less and “yes” to hubby and kids more as I hadn’t really considered that one before. Great post. x

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