Time Management Strategies for Being a More Efficient Mom

Being a mom is the most beautiful, but one of the most difficult jobs in the world. When we observe it from afar, it seems that it is something women just do, an inborn process of taking care of their kids, but in this modern world, women have much more on their minds. A mere look on their “job description”, from the endless to do lists to the tantrums in supermarkets or the wide range of skills you need to organize a child’s birthday party, makes us feel overwhelmed. The things do not get any easier if you have a career to think of, or if you are a single mom, and stay at home moms also have a ton of things on their minds. Here are some strategies to help all of you supermoms out there to keep it together and to be efficient.

Slow Down

This might sound counterproductive, but doing everything in a hurry can actually slow you down. When you are under pressure, don’t take a bunch of things to do at the same time just to save time. In the end, you’ll do nothing properly and you will have to invest more time into repairing the mistakes you have made along the way. According to Psychology Today, if you take some time to slow down and properly assess the situation, you will be in better position to prioritize.

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Be an Early Bird

A busy mother knows how quickly a day can get away. Do not give it that chance, and wake up as early as you can (you should still get your 8 hours of sleep), possibly before your kids open their sleepy eyes. Then you can get the chance to do a number of things you can’t possibly accomplish when you have to watch them.

Streamline the Housework

Housework doesn’t have to be such a monumental task. You can take one day to organize the house better, and the cleaning will be much simpler. For instance, you can remove wall-to-wall carpets and use area rugs, instead. Clear the kitchen counters of anything you don’t use daily. Remove small items from shelves, so you don’t have to move them each time you are dusting, etc.

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Simplify the Cooking

Sure, Boeuf bourguignon is delicious, but time-efficient mother doesn’t have the time for that. That doesn’t make you a bad mom, though. In most of the cases, the simplest meals are the healthiest. Try to make necessary preparation for breakfast and lunch in the evening. Also, you can opt for slow cooking meals where you can just “throw in” meat and vegetables and leave them to cook while you do other house chores.

Care about Your Health

If you are constantly tired and sleepy, you will never be able to get things done. Be sure to eat healthy food, be hydrated and exercise. Not having enough time or money for gym membership isn’t an excuse. You can get a yoga mat and proper workout equipment and exercise while watching YouTube videos.

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Find Some Time for Yourself

A happy mom is a productive mom, and if you don’t find time for yourself you will only be stressed out and miserable. Devote that time to doing something you love. It can be everything ranging from reading a book or binge watching a TV show to learning a foreign language.

Find Hobbies for Kids

Kids should have hobbies, because they make them more self-confident, independent and generally happier. Besides, you can use the time when they are on their dancing lessons or soccer trainings, to finish up the chores around the house, and prepare everything for the next day.

In the end, make it your priority to show love every day. No matter how busy or overwhelmed you are, this is what makes everything worthwhile.

Guest Post by Zara Lewis



Zara Lewis (Twitter: @ZaraELewis) is a mom, designer and a regular contributor to highstylife.com , devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. She seeks for beauty in everything that surrounds her. Will start a blog about it once. Until then writes her diary occasionally. Romantic soul and tech geek in one body. She enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and cooking.

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