Best Camping Coffee Makers in 2021

"You deserve a good, strong mug of coffee. So we’ve prepared this guide to the best camping coffee makers so you can achieve that caffeinated bliss while in the wilderness."

Just because you’re out in the wild among the trees and sleeping in the dirt doesn’t mean you have to be decaffeinated while doing it.

Nights are cold, bugs are ruthless, and it’s going to take two weeks on a $1,000 dollar mattress to smooth out that kink in your back from the large rock you slept on for two nights.

At the very least, you deserve a good, strong mug of coffee. So we’ve prepared this guide to the best camping coffee makers so you can achieve that caffeinated bliss while in the wilderness.

This brings me to the three key aspects of picking the perfect coffee maker for camping: durability, convenience, and product. 

How to choose the Right Camping Coffee Maker

ROMAUNT All In One Portable Manual Grind Brew Coffee Maker


Durability is pretty key when looking for a good camping coffee pot. Odds are that whatever coffee maker you choose is going to be jammed in between a spare pair of socks, butted up to some sort of firestarter kit, next to a roll of toilet paper and a gallon jug of mosquito spray. If it chips, cracks, or gets scraped up amid the jumble, what use is it?


Despite the fact that you’ve traveled miles from the nearest electric outlet, you still want whatever portable coffee machine you get to be as convenient as absolutely possible. You’re in luck, because camping coffee machines now come with the ability to use pre-made coffee pods/capsules.

Also, none of the products listed below require disposable filters, so you won’t have to worry about bringing anything along but the machine and some beans. 


The ultimate reason you’re bringing this durable, convenient machine is for a good cup of morning joe. If it doesn’t dribble out enough of the good stuff, what’s the point?

I’m going to break this down by quantity of coffee required, because they’re totally different beasts. I’m also going to line this up by most no-nonsense/non-technical to something that only exists due to the wonders of the 21st century. 

Best Camping Coffee Makers in 2021 - Reviewed

Camping Coffee Makers - All-in-One Options

Wacaco Minipresso

The first round-up is going to be the all-in-one, leaning more towards single-serve models. It’s not for the whole family to have a (quick) brew out in the woods, but it’s perfect for the individual who wants total control over their delicious joe even when they’re miles from civilization.

The devices listed below are on the newer side of things, and they’re praised for their functionality and convenience, and they all have warranties, so why not check them out? 

Travel Coffee Grinder Set ROMAUNT All In One Portable Manual Grind Brew Coffee Maker Single Serve 2X Stainless Steel Mug Ceramic Burr Brewer Gift (Black)

This is a nifty, compact machine. This “4-in-1” machine is a burr grinder (the best), brewer, filter, and 2 mugs in one. It’s also only about the size of small thermos and only weighs 1.3 pounds, making it ideal for an on-the-go, coffee-fueled lifestyle without tacking on extra weight to your backpack.

The ROMAUNT delivers a mean cuppa, especially since there’s so much control over the entire coffee-making process. It takes about 2 minutes flat to grind the 24g of whatever-bean-you-want, you control the temperature of the water (between 195-215 degrees Fahrenheit), and you pour it over at exactly the rate you want. It comes with a measuring cup that has markings for 120ml and 240ml, so all you have to do, outside of this machine, is heat up some water.

It’s super reasonably priced though, and you can claim it for in the mid-$30 range, depending on your color preference. The only drawback to this option is that it can only make 240ml at a time, or just a tad bit over 8 oz.

Here’s a similar model with a slightly larger water capacity (300 ml) but with a price that makes me raise my eyebrows in suspicion and a product shape that makes me wonder what idiot didn’t flip the top part the other way like any other normal human being.

Wacaco Minipresso 500

The Wacaco Minipresso comes in a few different types and it’s sole job is to make shots of espresso. Much like ROMAUNT, the Wacaco Minipresso is an all-in-one tool but with...well, less built in.

You should come prepared with pre-ground coffee or be prepared to bring along a manual coffee grinder. There’s no measuring cup for water, but it has what you need: a suped up 18 bar espresso maker entirely functioning through manual power and a demitasse. Honestly, what more do you need? (Other than a fire and hot water.)

It’s lightweight, clocking in at less than a pound (0.75 lb), but, again, it is a little on the small side. It’s only capable of holding 50 ml, or, in other words, 1.6 oz, or, in even more words, like a shot and a half of espresso.

While pre-ground coffee is required, you can also opt for the model or get the extra tool that can use Nespresso OriginalLine capsules.

Trimm Portable Hand Held Espresso Machine

The last entry in this category is another one for espresso, but it’s a nifty set—an espresso machine and a matching thermos. This one offers a larger capacity that the previous entry, clocking in at 2.6 oz, more than double, but doesn’t offer the convenience of taking pre-made capsules. It comes with the same silly-looking but functional hand pump.

On top of espresso, the set is also built to infuse water and steep tea, if that interests you in any capacity. It’s a tad bit heavier, clocking in at a 1.75 lb. and, on a side note, the company tends to use the words “espresso” and “coffee” interchangeably, which is just an annoyance.

The machine only makes espresso

Camping French Press Coffee Makers

Despite its Italian roots, French Press coffee makers still retain their name, likely due to the fact that France was where they were first manufactured. If you typically drink coffee using a coffee plunger and want to take this strong brewed coffee with you on the road, these models will help you do just that.

KOHIPRESS The Original French Press Coffee Maker

This beaut has a nice dual purpose—it’s the French Press and a vacuum-insulated in one. It has a reusable, holds 12 oz. of the good stuff, and has a leak-proof lid so you can throw it in your backpack without worry.

Add grounds, hot water, wait three minutes, plunge and you’re done. It makes use of an air pressure plunge to reduce brewing time, which also helps reduce acidity levels. On top of that, this gadget only weighs 13 oz. and clocks in at a very affordable price.

The only foreseeable issue with this one is if you want to walk and brew—you have to plunge before you start moving since the plunger is a separate piece. Considering the brew time is only three minutes, though, it may not even be worth griping over. 

OXO Good Grips Venture Travel French Press

If you’re looking to share your delicious brew with the whole crew, you’re very generous, my fellow coffee compatriot. You can do it with the OXO Travel French Press, which makes up to 32 oz. of coffee with each plunge.

While it looks like something you’d worry about putting in your bag, the Tritan carafe is shatter resistant and only weighs about a pound, making it ideal for traveling. It doesn’t require disposable filters, either, so it’s just you, coffee, and a mug. 

Bodum Travel Press

All right — if ‘on the go’ is 100% the name of the game, you’ll appreciate this one. The Bodum Travel Press is truly made for the sort of person that wants to wake up last and take care of their morning routine on the run.

The stainless steel container can hold 15 oz. and the plunger is built right in on top — you can load in the grounds, pour in the hot water, screw on the lid, and hit the trails without waiting for the brew time to elapse. Just press the plunger whenever it suits your wants.

It has a spill-resistant lid, a silicone non-slip grip in whatever color your heart desires, and it features a double-wall construction to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. 

Little Camping Coffee Gadgets

If you’re thinking that all of these options are more than you need -- or if you just want to spend the least amount on a portable coffee maker as possible -- we’ve got your back. These are the smallest options you’ll find and they’re also the cheapest.

The MyJo is super compact, costs less than three grande lattes, and takes K-cups (!). Fill the water reservoir with hot water, put in the K-cup, and pump it over your mug. Presto.

It makes 6, 8, or 10 oz. cups of coffee and comes with a refillable filter so you can load your favorite coarsely ground coffee. It’s lightweight, too, so it won’t add any significant weight to your backpack. 

Even simpler than the first simple gadget, the Ultralight Java Drip kind of looks like a strange kid’s toy. Breaking it down, it’s just a sturdy baggy that you prop over your mug or travel container.

It weighs only half an ounce, making it a negligible addition to your camping gear and perfect for the outdoor ‘minimalist.’ Top it off with the fact that it costs about as much as two cups of coffee, and this one’s a keeper.

The Primula Single Serve Brew Buddy is just a fine mesh filter, and it’s easily the smallest, most lightweight option we’re featuring. It’s sort of brilliant, actually. You just pop it over the top of your favorite mug or travel container, pour your hot water over it, and that’s it.

The More the Merrier

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

If you need coffee for the whole lot, these models make your morning cuppa a social event for the whole gang.

This Farberware percolate comes in two sizes: 8 cup and 12 cup. Granted, when it says “12-cup” it means twelve 4 oz cups, which is totally misleading. I don’t know about you, but a cup is totally supposed to be 6-8 oz. But I digress.

It’s stainless steel and features a see-through top lid knob so you can keep an eye on things while they’re percolating. It even has a permanent filter basket so you don’t need to buy any additional paper filters or anything to get this bad boy up and going. It does weigh a little more than several other options since it clocks in at just under 3 pounds. 

I really like this model. It looks like it belongs out in the wilderness and sort of resembles some sort of MacGyver contraption. Insert coffee, water, put over a burner, and it dispenses coffee right through the spout as it’s prepared. It comes with two cups and that’s about how many it will serve.

It’s lightweight, coming in at about 1.3 lb, and brews in 5 minutes. Make sure to adjust the pieces tightly or you may encounter some leaking.

You’ll feel like you’re at home in your kitchen with the Coleman. It makes 8 to 12 cups of coffee (and legit cups) while fitting over most 2- to 3-burner camp stoves. The caveat here is that you do need a camp stove, no building fires like cavemen for this model. It even has a nice Pause ‘n Serve feature for when you can’t stand your camping buddy before they’ve had their joe.

The only drawback with this home-away-from-home machine is the fact that it does weigh just under 7 lbs. That doesn’t sound like a whole ton, but if you’re hiking a long distance, it can really add some heft to your bag.

Multi-Purpose, Multi-Love

I’m a big fan of things that kill two birds with one stone. Like, if you have to carry a pot for cooking things anyway, why can’t it just handle brewing the coffee, too?

This model hits a sweet spot for for useful tools. It intersects between lightweight, servings for 2-4 people, and functionality. It only weighs one pound, has a 1.5-liter capacity, and is made of stainless steel.

If you go with this option, you’ll also need to get the BioLite Coffee Press to make coffee with it. Keep in mind though that this tool is designed to make food and six cups of coffee. It triples as a carrier for the BioLite Camp Stove.

Clocking in a hair shy of a pound in weight and featuring a fold-in handle for easy packing, the Stanley Cook + Brew Set is one of the most affordable, camping-friendly models on the list.

Brew hot water directly in the 32 oz. stainless steel container, add coffee grounds, wait for it to brew, and then plunge. Done. On top of brewing, it boils and cooks.

In Conclusion

Stanley Cook + Brew Set

For the individual coffee-drinker on the go: The ROMAUNT is where it’s at. Despite its small java capacity, it has everything you could possibly need to make a good cup of coffee in a small package.

For the minimalist: Hey, sometimes all of those fancy gadgets just get in the way. The Primula takes it back to just the basics. You need a kettle or some mode of heating up water with it, but it’s so no-nonsense, you just can’t fault it.

For the group: I’m a huge fan of all-in-one and multi-use devices. I lean towards the Biolite for that reason, tipping it just over the edge of the Stanley because it can store its own camp stove. However, if you already have a great cooking gear, the Farberware would be my suggestion.

Just because you’re going to be living out in the wild doesn’t mean you have to forgo a great cup of the good stuff. Choose your device and hit the trails!

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