And so you’re back, from out of space!

And so you’re back, from out of space!

Hello, hello, anyone out there??

Yes Pudding fans we are back! All I can do is apologise for the radio silence. You see we have been moving house. Now for most people this is a stressful time. But for my parents it was an all consuming slog to the top of the highest peak. Culminating in Mr Pud getting over excited and cancelling the wifi in June! Yes that’s right we have been internetless (that so is a word…). I am not gonna lie, it’s been a struggle. Alexa has been utterly redundant and I have not been able to shake my bum to Rag and Bone Man for far too long.

But here we are, back from out of space! So I have done quite a bit of growing, although mum is complaining about having to buy me yet another pair of shoes. I am not complaining though. Take a look at these bad boys… Amazing right? I am such a girl, I can’t get enough of shoes.

Mum has changed a bit too – looks like her new job has sent her grey! She thinks she looks cool and funky. I think she looks like Nana… Saying that the new job has huge perks for me (not just lots of new shoes, I am not that shallow) No it means I get to see Mummy everyday, no more long weeks of nights and tired grumpy mornings. Mum says her new job has given her back her mojo (you would have to ask Mr Pud about that). 

The new house is amazing too. Loads of space for me to push my pram around and finally all my books are unpacked. It’s super close to town too so there is no excuse not to pop in for a babyccino and a spot of shoe shopping. The parks on the doorstep too, that fat sausage dog has never had so much excercise. 

Finally we are getting back to the blog – I have to say the first month off was quite liberating. But we have missed you guys and our little internet space to call our own. Besides we still have so many adventures to share – not to mention Mums progress on her couch to 5k (it’s more couch to kitchen at the moment, words of encouragement are needed). I am not sure how this goes hand in hand with Mum and Dads new monthly fine dining date night. But rest assured there will be lots more updates from us and some new exciting features on the blog. 

The wifi is back next week so make sure you come back and check out the revamped site and sign up to our newsletter 🙂

Catch you soon Pudding Fans

4 thoughts on “And so you’re back, from out of space!”

    • So stressful but it’s all been worth it!! Can’t wait to get back into the blog now. On the plus side I do have a new found enthusiasm 😊 Glad to hear you are all settled in to your new home too xx

    • Ah thanks Sarah – I have missed you guys too. Although with no blog of my own I have become Facebook obsessed and have had plenty time to read everyone’s posts 😊 xx

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