Argh… The Dog and The Baby are in Cahoots!!

Argh… The Dog and The Baby are in Cahoots!!

Those of you who know this blog well will have read about my exceptionally naughty sausage dog before. I mean that dog should be the queen of dog shaming. She is the naughtiest sausage that has ever waddled the earth. A food obsessed, uber lazy hound who is into everything. You see dealing with the dog was bad enough. I mean does anyone else have to put their kitchen bin the bath when they do the school run? Nope just me huh?! But now the baby has started aiding and abetting her. The two of them are in cahoots and they are running rings round me (and Mr Pud).

It started when Pudding learnt how to get into the kitchen cupboards. Yes I hear you all saying I should get those doo-dahs that stop her getting in. But in all honesty I then can’t get in either so we would just be four hungry people and a dog looking at the cupboard door the way cavemen looked at the first wheel. Any way I digress. So she can open the cupboards – the dog soon realised this was a bonus for her. One afternoon I made the mistake of popping to the loo, for oooh all of two minutes. In that time there was some kind of destruction derby in the kitchen. Pasta all over the floor and Pudding sat with the sausage dog feeding her dog biscuits. Clearly she had tried them first as there were a couple of sucked ones on the floor. Suffice to say everyone was reprimanded and the dog biscuits stowed in a different cupboard.

Later that same week, after I had cleared away lunch I was sitting in the living room and Pudding was wandering from room to room looking for trouble. The sausage dog close at her heels. Where she goes that dog goes….

A few minutes later Pudding came back in with a piece of toast in her mouth. ‘Where an earth did you get that from?’ I enquired. Oh yes you guessed it these naughty pair had been in the bin…. I thought I had solved this problem by turning the bin round, so the opening was against the wall. How wrong was I?? Later that same day after dinner in strolled Pudding with a tumble dryer fluff beard, but no sign of the dog…. Now I knew the tumble dryer fluff had come from the bin so after hastily de-bearding the baby I went in search of the dog. I found her hiding in the bathroom behind the door licking the silver foil pie dish clean… Both baby and dog looked slightly crestfallen at the discovery of there misdemeanours.

I tell you they are working together as a team, an army searching for forbidden food. I swear both of them get fed, more than they really need I would say. But they continue to scavenge together, one girl and her dog!


Are you being teamed up on in your home?!

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9 thoughts on “Argh… The Dog and The Baby are in Cahoots!!”

  • This made me smile, we also have an extremely naugty dog, ours is a jack Russell cross that we adopted from the dog’s trust, I have always had German Shepard dogs, but when we had our beloved Keir’s put down, my husband said a small dog would be easier to manage, If we leave him home alone, which we don’t very often, he wrecks the kitchen, where he is placed, we don’t have any small children for him to tag team, as you do though #eatsleepblogrt @-karendennis

  • Oh my, I love your dog stories! My dog is just as bad, she gets up on the kitchen chairs and all four feet on the table, double checking that I cleared the left overs away fully. Too many times have I left, for eg, a pasta bake out cooling before it goes in the fridge… #kcacols

  • See this is why I don’t want to get safety locks, I have enough trouble with the baby gates! Hopefully my kid won’t start teaming up with my cats…
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

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