Surviving Kids Cold & Flu Season with #VicksTricks

Surviving Kids Cold & Flu Season with #VicksTricks

So  I recently wrote about the ‘Baby Cold’ – you know the one that invades your immune system and morphs into a full-blown assassin overnight? If you missed the post you can catch it here. We have teamed up with Britmums and Vicks to share some of our favourite tips for soothing kids with colds.

Pie is a notoriously bad patient. He doesn’t do any kind of illness well. Luckily the little chap is pretty tough when it comes to his immune system. But when that cold hits I have to bring out my full bag of Mum Tricks to keep him smiling!

Top Tips For Surviving Cold Season with Kids

Get Snuggled – we all know as adults that our favourite thing to do when we have a horrible cold is to snuggle onto the couch with a box of tissues, a blanket and a hot cuppa. Well kids are no different! When Pie is under the weather he wants to keep his jimjams on and curl up under Mummy’s cosy blanket with a hot chocolate.

Get out the Medicine – That head cold feeling is awful and its no reason that kids get miserable. At the slightest whiff of a temperature I tend to reach for the paracetamol. Because I know how rubbish I feel with a cold, as an adult you would be straight on the lemsip. Obviously you should always follow the dosing instructions and only use medicine when your child’s condition requires it. Pie is a fan of having the Vicks Vapour Rub too, I usually put it on his back and chest at bedtime to help soothe him through the night.

Free Hugs – Yep giving out bug cuddles and a some sympathy goes a long way. Get yourself under that blanket with your own hot chocolate and cuddle up together. Yes you may well end up with your own cold virus but a little TLC goes a long to making the kids feel better!

Distraction – I honestly don’t know how I survived pre-Netflix or Amazon Prime! Everything is at the touch of a finger. So whilst you are under that blanket together pick a great movie and distract your snot monster for an hour. If they are feeling really under the weather I usually pop them into bed and read a story until they start to drift off. Pie loves Harry Potter so this works super well for us!

Eat Well – Whats that old line? Feed a cold starve a fever! Yep that’s right make their favourite foods, encourage those juicy sweet clementines as well. If you can get them interested in a smoothy even better, mix in some honey to help those sore throats too.

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So these are our #VicksTricks. The best advice I can give you for surviving kids cold and flu season is to just give them loads of love. Oh and get yourself some of the Vicks First Defense – I narrowly dodged another cold last week thanks to that stuff!



*DISCLAIMER – we received a ‘goody’ bag from Vicks in return for writing this post. All thoughts and opinions contained within are our own*



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