#TearsintoSmiles Dealing with Bumps & Grazes Alongside Elastoplast

#TearsintoSmiles Dealing with Bumps & Grazes Alongside Elastoplast

It is a fact of life that kids fall over, bump heads and scratch knees. Here at Pudding HQ we are lucky to get through the morning without someone needing a plaster or a bruise soother! I would say that Pie is the worse for getting injured. He is such an active chap and lacks any kind of self-preservation. He can usually be found doing something dangerous – be it leaping off his bunk bed, firing arrows at his sister or seeing how long he can balance on one foot on his scooter.  I think this picture of him pretty much sums up most days with this crazy boy….

Getting outside to play is such an important part of childhood. We don’t want to wrap them up in cotton wool all the time. With summer approaching and shorts on grazed knees are inevitable. You can imagine then that in our house I have to be pretty good at soothing the daily injuries. Now as a nurse you would think that I had this down pat. Let me tell you something about nurses, our compassion does not extend to our own families! I do however have a few tips for turning #tearsintosmiles.

  • Plasters have magic healing properties! Oh yes never underestimate the abilities of the plaster. Having a plaster is proof to Pie that he has survived this particular injury. He likes nothing more than to show off his freshly covered war wound to all. Now Elastoplast provided us with some very funky plasters and I have to say the Star Wars ones have gone down a storm.
  • A cool glass of squash. Oh yes a sure fine way to stop those tears is to sit quietly (with your plaster on) and drink a nice cold drink. Just gives Pie something else to focus on for a few minutes.
  • Big hugs. Sometimes only a huge cuddle with Mummy will make something better, along with a little whisper about how brave Mummy’s super star is….
  • A well-timed treat. I usually have an emergency kinder egg in the fridge for those injuries that need real distraction. Never undervalue the power of that toy wrapped in chocolate. It could probably distract from loss of limb if really needed.
  • Get back on the horse (or bike, scooter, swing….) Patch them up and get them straight back out there! Accidents happen but the best thing kids can do is play outside, so don’t let a few bumps and bruises put them off.

Take a look at this cute video from Elastoplast for some more ideas about how to turn #TearsintoSmiles this summer!

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast. Of course soothing minor injuries is usually ok. But don’t forget that any injury that is beyond your knowledge or that you have real concerns about should be assessed by a Health Professional. If you need advice following an accident or injury please make use of the 111 telephone advice service.

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