Lazy Saturdays Are The Working Mum’s Saviour – Staying Home the New Going Out!

Lazy Saturdays Are The Working Mum’s Saviour – Staying Home the New Going Out!

I often feel bad that we are not like the other families we know. Other friends jump out of bed Saturday morning and dash off toTimmy’s  swimming class or Ruby’s ballet session. Not us! At HQ we like a little more leisure time in our Saturdays. Having worked all week and driven all over town picking up and dropping off the kids Saturday is my day.

The kids get up when they are ready. Pie is normally bouncing in to my room by 7.30 requesting teenage mutant ninja turtles. He is dispatched downstairs to the TV on the promise that he will go for a wee first! Pudding is like a her Mama. Nothing wakes up that little princess until at least 8am. By the time she stirs I am usually lying in bed with a coffee, armed with her morning milk. She snuggles in next to me and has a drink. 

Eventually Pie is back requesting some form of nourishment. So we head down for a bowl of cornflakes (not really its coco pops all the way with this kid…) Then there is the family discussion – are we getting dressed or is this a Jim jam day. Luckily 7 out of 10 are pyjama days at HQ. The decision is made and general slouching about commences…

So why is staying in the new going out at Pudding HQ? Let me give you my Top 5 Reasons:

  • Actual time to play – the kids play all day. With there toys, with me and each other. No keep taking them out for stimulation they learn to entertain themselves.
  • Money saving – staying in is cheap as chips. Even on those occasions when we rent a movie for the afternoon it still beats the £20 of going to soft play and having a coffee.
  • Chores are less, well chore like. So the washing and cleaning still needs doing, but you can do it at an easier pace. Not desperately trying to cram all the chores into an hour on Sunday makes it feel less of a mammoth task!
  • Everyone eats better – the kids love going out to eat but the selection gets a bit samey. The great thing about staying home is being able to make meals more interesting and healthier (secretly healthy obviously)
  • Naps can happen. Being at home means that tired children can have a proper nap. Making everyone less cranky later on in the evening!

Of course the other great thing about lazy Saturdays is the amount of tea that can be drunk. Curled up watching the kids play with a brew is one of life’s great pleasures.

What do you like about lazy Saturdays? 

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