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Here at Pudding HQ we are under constant seige by Pie’s Preschool to name all his uniform and I have to say after buying several jumpers I can see why! One day he even managed to come home without his trousers, don’t ask me how he managed this, the boy has talents that have yet to be discovered! So imagine my delight when the lovely peeps at NameTags4U offered me a whole set of labels to review. Winner I thought, just what I need and even more so as Pie is due to start big school in September and I shall be buying new kit left right and centre.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 8.01.31 PMI had to pop on to the NameTags4u website to choose what I wanted and I was pleasantly surprised at their huge range, you can have all kinds of different labels, including ones you and the kids can stamp on, iron on labels as well as the traditional sew on ones. For me being pretty short on time I opted for the iron on kind! (Pie would have loved the Stampas, but I had visions of everything being stamped with his name, including the dog and Pudding!) Once I had selected which type I wanted, I had to pick the design, there were loads to choose from, you can have just a name, or picture and a name in the colour of your choosing. If you really want to make sure your child has their item you can even upload their picture and have that on the label. You get to build your own label with a really easy to use web page and see the preview of what your label will look like.

The NameTags4U labels arrived super quick, and I was immediately impressed but how bright they were. They came with a set of instructions and everything you need to put them onto clothes. Pie thought they were pretty awesome too, I don’t think dinosaurs would have been his first choice (see my recent post) but I continue to try and persuade him!


To show you all how easy it is to put these labels on I have ventured into unknown territory and created a vblog! (Please be kind)

Nametags4u vlog

You can see how quick and easy it was as the video is so short – these really are a fantastic product from NameTags4U. They retail at £9.50 for 52 superior labels, which in my opinion is reasonable and a lot cheaper than having to keep replacing items of school clothing! I would certainly recommend these labels, and NameTags4U to my friends at the school gate.

Want to try these great iron on labels? You can order them here. You can also follow NameTags4u on twitter.

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