Planes, Trains & Automobiles (Well Almost!)

Travelling with small children is no mean feat. Travelling across the country by bus, train and tube with two small children is not for the faint hearted! Especially when you are flying solo on the back of an eventful nursing shift. Sometimes I wonder why I do it to myself!

I had planned the trip to my parents a few weeks ago. A great way for Pie to finish his post tonsillectomy recovery. I have to say I thought the train thing would be an adventure. This was my first mistake. 20 minutes on a train = adventure. 4 hours is not so much an adventure but a form of torture.

Thursday morning arrived. Having had a pretty awful and very long shift on Wednesday, Thursday morning was a struggle. I mean a struggle to move due to being achey and downright exhausted. Having hauled my sorry ass out of bed and fed the kids. I now had to pack. Initially I chucked everything in a large backpack suitcase. Picked up suitcase and realised that there was no way in hell I was going to carry it downstairs. Let alone across London and have Pudding in the carrier! Ok rethink. Repack half stuff in case. Nope. Unpack again. Repack into small wheeled suitcase and small day sack.

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Obviously this was done whilst attempting to not lose my temper with kids. I failed. In the end I stuck Pie in front of Star Wars. Not a great parenting moment using the TV babysitter at 9am. But I managed to live with myself. Luckily Pudding had got bored and decided on a cat nap on my bed!

Suitcase finally packed. Next dilemma arose. How to get to the station? Yes we could walk but Pie isn’t a fan of that. I didn’t want to set the air raid siren off before the journey began… Decided to take the bus. Short walk to the bus stop but easier than the train. Right. Pudding in carrier, backpack on and pick up suitcase. Pick up sunglasses. Queue major Pie meltdown as we can’t find his sunglasses. Leave house dragging a small suitcase and a screaming boy.

Luckily the bus came quickly and Pie had got a grip. Unfortunately the lower deck was full of people. Naturally no one wanted to give up their seat. I mean I don’t really need a seat. I only have a baby in a carrier, a four-year old, a suitcase and a backpack. Can’t think of any one who needs a seat less than I do….

Finally we arrive in town. It’s taken longer than I anticipate. So now this crazy lady is running. Like a wonkey donkey, Pie and I charge down the street. Burst into the station. No time for the lift I managed to get all of us onto an escalator without anyone falling head first!

We collapse onto the train. With the dawning realisation that we have only done half the journey. That was the easy part. Next I have to get my brood and suitcase across London. Worse still is that both the kids and I are hangry. Pudding is easy, so she gets hers. Pie and I need a sandwich, but the catering cart doesn’t cater for kids. Well done Virgin… Mini cheddars for lunch – another top parenting moment!

On arrival at Euston we fight our way off the train. I already need a wee and Pudding has a slightly suspicious aroma. There is no way I am paying to use the loo and trying to get all of us in one small cubicle. Time to practice those pelvic floor exercises.

Somehow, and don’t ask me how. I managed to march through the station, tackle another 3 escalators and get on the tube. Pie is wide-eyed at a train underground. He has no memories of spending his first 18 months in London.

I have to say the bit I was dreading, was the easiest part! Crossing London a doddle in comparison to trying to get air-raid siren Pie on the bus! We arrive at Victoria and result there is a train in 6 minutes. Of course it’s on the platform that’s at the furthest point. If we miss this its at least 30 mins to entertain the kids before we can get the next one… Cue the wonky donkey! We are off across the station, and arrive on the train panting with about a minute to spare. Collapsing in a heap, Pie says Mummy I like getting the train to Nana’s. At this point I can barely speak – but just nod gently with my eyes closed…

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12 thoughts on “Planes, Trains & Automobiles (Well Almost!)”

  • Well done you! I travelled up to London with Emma back in April and it was a challenge to say the least! I also felt like I was way-laid with bags, it’s amazing what you need to bring to keep the little ones entertained for the day! #triballove

  • Oh you poor poor love – this could have been made so much better if Pie could have gone and purchased a nice cold glass of wine fro you from the buffet cart! Well done though for doing this though – ticked off of that mental list for sure and perhaps not to be tried again until they are older! Oh and pants to no one offering you a seat – not kind at all – I promise I didn’t see you – I would have offered you mine for sure! Hope the trip was worth it lovely xx

  • Can’t stand travelling long distance with kids so I applaud you! I did take my eldest all around London aged 10 months when my husband ran the marathon though so I feel I earned my stripes that day. Would never attempt it with both children though, ha! #stayclassymama

  • You made it! Travelling with kids is never easy especially in a super busy place like London. However, kids find it exciting. I remember being well happy just getting on the bus when I was a kiddo myself #fortheloveofBLOG

  • That photo of the bus gives me a little feeling of homesickness because Arriva runs in my hometown. You’re a tough cookie for attempting to travel with kids. I still dread doing so with my daughter. Thank you for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG, lovely. 🙂

  • Crikey, well done! I haven’t braved the tube with my two year old yet – in fact, we’ve only been into London once with him, and that was early on to introduce him to work! I took the bus from Waterloo to Victoria, constantly dreading having to get off if a wheelchair user needed to come on as my pram was not one that you could just collapse. Super respect to you for facing this feat with two to worry about! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Haahah oh man I feel for you! A baby carrier, suitcase and child, you are my hero. Not surprised nobody moved for you, I was 8 months pregnant and nobody would move for me around these London parts. Dicks. It sounds like you had a few James Bond moments just making it on the train, bus, etc. Good work girrrllll! ; ) Thanks for making me laugh and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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