Have you taken a Parenting Win Today?

I should be feeling amazing today, channeling my inner Mummy Pig should be a doddle. Because last night was the first night in months that I had 8 hours uninterrupted sleep. Pudding slept a massive 10.30-7.30! No night feeds and no flappy bird moments where she had escaped her swaddle. So why then do I feel more tired today than those nights where I get up 2 or 3 times??

I think we are conditioned to have to moan about something. Usually it’s pretty easy to find a subject to complain about but on occasion we have to pick something ridiculous. Today that is ‘I have had too much sleep’.

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Of course most fellow Mum’s don’t have this complaint. I do feel lucky but then again I have now lost my main group of sympathisers. Let’s face it no one likes that smug mum at the baby group who announces that their child is now sleeping through the night. Being able to have a good moan is what bonds us all together. Whether it is lack of sleep, teething or our partners, a moan is good. It makes us realise we are not going through all this stuff on our own. Our mum friends can help give us some perspective when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes though I worry that all I do is moan about the kids. Think about it when was the last time you actually boasted to another mum about a real parenting win?

We are conditioned to continually denigrate ourselves. We all know that raising children can be a thankless task some days. That doesn’t mean we should only focus on our failures. Lets face it the media focuses on our ‘terrible’ mothering quite enough. We should be bolstering each other up. Celebrating those moments where it all goes brilliantly well as opposed to the normal every day battles. Especially as those moments are usually small things that no one else would give a crap about. If you can’t celebrate the fact that your child put his own shoes on without being asked 15 times with another Mum then who can you celebrate with?

I know there will be some mums out there who probably want to shove my positivity up my knows. Possibly they are shaking their fists at the screen even now. Rolling their eyes thinking ‘oooh you smug cow’ I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in 18 months. I am sorry if that is you. I know its tough and I do feel for you. But this isn’t about you. It is about me, finding something positive to celebrate in my parenting journey.

Today I am standing up and saying that my baby slept through the night at 3 months. I am going to pat myself on the back and say well done for getting her into a good bedtime routine. Does it mean she will do it again tonight? Maybe she will, maybe she won’t. But right now I am taking the win!

11 thoughts on “Have you taken a Parenting Win Today?”

  • Nice post. It’s the downside of social media though, isn’t it? More people to gripe with, but also more people with shining examples of excellent parenting to feel bad about. Useful if you’re looking for lists of baby essentials, smart travel systems, comfy cotbeds, travel accessories though. 🙂 You’re definitely right to take the win!

  • That is fab news that she slept through the night!!! Well done 🙂 That is a massive win. You are probably feeling tired because when you have a really good nights sleep after not having one for ages it often makes your body want more. Not good for new mothers! #stayclassy

  • oh my word – a mummy has to take every damn win she can – they are what fuel the bad days! well done little one – same again for mummy tonight please! #stayclassy you winner!

  • Well done Pudding 😊 You are completely right. We do find it really hard to celebrate our parenting successes so today I am going to say that my win is having a little one who is happy to have his nails cut (I had worried lots about this before I did it). Thanks for sharing such positivity!

  • Well done Pudding!! You may feel more tired as I find it catches up with me when I have a good rest – like when you’re working and then have some time off you always get ill as your body relaxes and is like ‘what have you been doing to me?!’ Haha. Take the win! Enjoy it.

  • 10.30 until 7.30 is a massive win! Piglet has always been a terrible sleeper, which I am always whinging about, but to be honest he is getting better on the whole, although we still have some bad nights when he’s unwell or teething. I am no expert, so I don’t know if getting a baby to sleep is something that any of us have much control over, but I think you have every right to feel chuffed! Thanks for linking up to #StayClassy

  • Definitely take the win hun. I got mine to do it for a whole month at three months and then we went majorly down hill from there. I think when you suddenly get sleep you realise how tired you actually are so don’t think you are complaining. 9 months down the line, I feel more tired getting between 6-7 hours sleep a night, interrupted once than at newborn when I had 3 hours sleep max a whole night for 3 weeks straight

    • Your body def gets used to having no sleep – it certainly is a shock to the system when you suddenly get some. Glad to hear Alyssa is being a good girl for and giving you 6 hours in a row x

  • That is AMAZING that she slept through the night, definitely one to be proud of!! It’s so true, we need to just accept that something good has happened and take a moment and be proud. It seems so easy?? haha Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!

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