To The New Mum From A NICU Nurse

To The New Mum From A NICU Nurse

Hello There, come on in. I know it’s bright in here and it’s loud. In fact I am sure it’s totally overwhelming for you. Most people don’t even know this place exists. It certainly wasn’t what you had in mind when you announced you were pregnant those few short months ago. It’s ok to be scared, to be shocked and to cry. But that tiny person in there is yours. Yours to touch and to talk to. Yours to love and to cherish. He is your baby, not ours. He knows your voice. We are just here to lend a hand, not to take away your early days with your baby.

I know it’s hard when he seems so fragile. When there is a plastic box between you and so many wires in the way. But just hold his hand, you are the only person he truly knows. It’s going to be a tough journey for you both. A whirlwind of emotions, good days and bad. An uphill battle but you can do it. Try not to panic when the alarms sound, its natural to be afraid but if you need to be concerned we will say. Don’t stare at the machines we know its easy to fixate on them. Just try to look at your baby, he will tell you what he needs. Whether its quiet time he craves or hand upon his shoulders.

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You don’t always have to be strong, it’s ok to say you are not ok. Don’t bottle it up. We want to support you, to help you be a family. Everything we do is to get you all home, together. We can tend to his medical needs, your only job is to love. That’s something we can never do. That is your baby, a tiny piece of you. It’s ok to say you are tired, to tell me its all too much. Remember to look after yourself, its to easy to forget that you need time for you. Please don’t feel guilty for taking an extra 10 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea, before racing to the hospital. We know you want to be here, 24 hours a day if you could. But you need to keep your strength up for the long road ahead. Feel free to phone us at any hour. Someone is always here to tell you how your precious baby is, and don’t worry if we need you we will always call.

Don’t be afraid to ask us anything. No question is silly, no feeling too small. Chances are we have answered them before but we never mind answering them again. I may never know exactly what you are going through but I won’t judge you. I am here to support you as much as your baby. Whether it’s a tissue and a kind word or a joint celebration of preemie milestone. It won’t always feel so alien walking through those doors, you won’t believe me now but one day you will look back and remember all our names. We will also remember you.

6 thoughts on “To The New Mum From A NICU Nurse”

  • This is an emotional piece. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes, new mums are not ready for the responsibility that comes with having babies in ICU, but in the end, when the storm calms, it always worth it

  • I love this post – nurses are so special and NICU nurses are beyond strong. Thanks to them so many families are able to walk out of a hospital whole. #EatSleepBlogRT

  • What a lovely piece, beautifully written. Your job, your role in this lifetime affects so many. Keep up your memorable and cherished work, in such a vital time for the littles. <3 <3 <3 #eatssleepblogRT

  • #eatsleepblogRT yes to this! i would love to have read this before we went into the depths of the SCUBU, I’m always surprised at how parents become mini doctors over night when it comes to their childs health, i knew what every bleep, line, and number meant 🙂 lovely piece of writing, i can’t tell you love your job.

  • This is so beautiful. My boys weren’t premature but they were both in NICU for being poorly, and I remember how kind the nurses there were. They looked after me when I was a complete mess, and did lovely things to cheer me up. More people should know just how wonderful they are.

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