Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? EU Referendum

So as most of you will know, (unless you have either been living in a cave or have had your head stuck in the sand) we are due to vote on the 23rd June with regards to the EU referendum. What I hear you cry can this have to do with a Mum Blogger. Well my friends, I have to admit that I am no political expert, but then again after the last election who is?

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I can’t say that either camp has persuaded me. In fact I would say that I am totally confused about the whole thing. There seems to be a whole lot of scare tactics going around. Some are saying that staying in the EU will mean our borders will be flooded with immigrants and refugees on the other it seems that without the EU our trading ability could be hampered. Apparently voting leave will enable us to take back control and save our country millions of pounds a year, but the Keep Britain in camp tells us that public services will be cut and wages will go down. Of course we will apparently be allowed super fast toasters and hot cups of tea if we leave – but what our are priorities here?

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For me personally the immigrant bashing makes me pretty angry, this underlying assumption people have that families only travel to the UK to claim benefits and abuse our health system is not true on the most part. There will always be some who see the UK as a free meal ticket. But most come here for a better life, for the chance to work and build a secure future for their families. A lot work here for many years and send money to their relatives at home, and hope that one day they will return to their own country. People come here to enjoy all the freedoms that we as Britain’s take for granted. What about all our young people and their need for jobs I hear you howl? These people come here and provide cheap labour etc etc; well let me ask, why do you think that is? Is it because our young people are perhaps a bit over privileged and have no desire to do the kind of labour intensive jobs that pay such low wages? Maybe it is. Maybe it’s because these days the norm is to have aspirations of attending university and entering the workforce as a graduate. Of course not all will achieve this or even aspire to this. There are plenty of people out there working their noses to the grindstone to make ends meet, but do we have the right to stop people coming to the UK because of this? Surely if we close our doors on immigration we will lose plenty of skilled workers as well as the unskilled.

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The EU allows not only free movement of people in to the UK, but free movement of people out. Something that a lot of our young people take advantage of in their gap years as they travel and work across Europe, in the most part without a need for a Visa. Having lived among South Africans, Americans and Zimbabweans during my time in London I can tell you that this is not to be scoffed at. Even with a Visa to work within the UK a South African citizen has to have a Schengen Visa just to travel into Europe! I never realised how much my British Passport was worth until I met these guys, with that little red book I could go anywhere, almost without restriction. Will leaving the EU weaken the power of my passport, or my childrens? Will gap years working round Europe now require a special Visa? Or certain conditions?

The trade issues are massive for many people, but I have to confess that I have no idea about what the real impact will be to the man (or woman) on the street. I can’t believe that trading to the EU will cease if we leave, after all as an island we need trade in and out. Plenty of countries like America for example have trade agreements with the EU, so I guess we would be the same. Could this potentially make goods more expensive? Or would this mean that our government would negotiate trade deals that reduced the price of imported items? I don’t know, like I said I am not a political expert, but I think it might be worth finding out.

One side tells me that we will be saving loads of money and the other side says we will have cuts in our services. Now this makes no sense to me at all. Surely not both statements can be true? If we are saving money, surely that money will be put into public services, thus improving them not cutting them? Where exactly is this £300 million that we will save if we leave go? And in all honest how on earth does being a member of the EU cost £300 million? I thought my Sky subscription was high, but this membership fee is ludicrous! Maybe if we threaten to cancel they will offer us a new package? Oh no wait, didn’t David Cameron try that already?

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Of course having a faster toaster and hotter tea is quite appealing, but as a Mum I rarely get a hot cuppa anyway! Personally and all arguments aside, I am beginning to wonder if the EU is better the devil you know. I still think there is something to be said about unity and having a coalition of countries. Surely this cannot be more important than now with the world in its current state, where as a Western Society we are under constant threat from fundamentalists. Have the events in London and Paris taught us nothing? We are stronger together. Stronger sharing our intelligence, manning our boarders and trading our goods.

I think I know which way I am leaning – but what about you? Have you got strong views on the EU Referendum or are you like me? Still questioning the information provided by both sides and trying to make an informed decision.

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15 thoughts on “Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? EU Referendum”

  • I feel a bit ranty on this too!! I’m all for staying in, for many many reasons and really hope we don’t start putting more divides between us and other countries. I could go on, but I’ll stop there!! #triballove

  • Its a really hard one because as you say one side says one thing and then the other side say hold on and they say something that counters out the other, I think I’ve made up my mind but it’s a girls prerogative to change her mind so I’m holding on to that card and probably won’t be sure till I put that cross in the box on my ballot paper and pop it in the box
    I just hope we don’t descend in to out and out civil war !!!

  • OO love you writing about this! Me and my husband sit and chat about this most nights over a glass of wine (just to make the whole thing a little more sexy!) and we go round and round in circles – my husband makes a strong case so some nights I’m with him and others I’m not – I’m more a wear my heart on my sleeve and am quite inclusive so I know what I’m tending to lean to but who knows where I will finally put my cross #triballove x

  • I have cast my vote already since I’m abroad and did it via post. Still, I’m rather confused. There’s way too much bias and misinformation on both sides. I got a feeling we’ll end up out of the EU, but I do think it’s silly that many will vote leave purely because of the immigration issues. There’s a bigger picture that people are failing to see. #TribalLove #effitfriday

  • There’s so much fear mongering on both sides with this debate, and the fact is that no one can know for sure what will happen if we leave – not without a crystal ball at least, and those things aren’t the most reliable anyway. I think lots of people will be swayed because of the issues with immigration, but that’s not really the UKs biggest problem. I think our biggest problem is the fact that people – the vast majority of whom are British – are making more money from benefits than they would from working. But like you, I’m not a political expert, so I could talking a load of crap haha x

  • Thanks for this well written article – although you’ve categorised it as a rant, it is just a very well argued piece about why we mustn’t over simplify the issue of immigration and the movement of people. I like how you emphasise the benefits the country gets from skilled workers as well as the issues of unskilled workers. Hats off to you!

  • You know it wasn’t until this referendum came up that I realiseD what a huge bubble I live in. I know nothing about politics or the economy or anything like that because I try to avoid the news at all costs. It depresses me and can make me ill. Therefore like you I have absolutely no idea which way to vote. I’ve been watching the debates and reading people opinions on social media and ask H friends and family what their thoughts are and I am more confused than ever. The problem is that like you say a lot of it is scaremongering and the leave and stay companions just contradict one another. I’m also thinking maybe I just go with ‘better the devil to you know’ but when I said this to my husband he said that if we stay in big changes will happen anyway and so apparantly I’m wrong in thinking that. My husband is very much out. I’m so confused that I’ve even thought about not voting but obviously with something this huge that would probably be a bit silly. The mind boggles.


  • Oh I am just so confused by the whole thing. I just don’t know what to believe and what not to. I really want to vote but don’t want to just for the sake of it, I need to read up some actual facts and not political scare mongering rubbish. Your post has inspired me to go off and that now! You make some good points here, just wish it wasn’t all so very complicated xx #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Thank you for bringing this post to the link up, the EU referendum is an important issue, relevant to us all, even if we are busy changing nappies. I understand it can be hard to decide as the two sides have tried to reduce such a complicated matter to just the issues of trade and immigration, and not only is it about so much more, but it’s hard to relate to how it will effect your every day life. What annoys me about the immigration argument is that we give shelter to refugees from all over the world, from outside of Europe, and even if you are of the view we should not, leaving the EU will not change that. And I agree with you when you say we are stronger together. In a world literally fighting for peace, why, oh why, would you want to create more division?! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • This is a difficult one and something that seems to confuse many people. I attribute this to the lack of unbiased information out there. There’s far too much propaganda flying around and because it’s unprecedented, no one really knows what will happen either way, especially if we vote out. With less than 2 weeks to go and me still finding myself in the undecided camp, I’m finding myself constantly wondering is it a case of better the devil you know? Great post and something I think many people can resonate with at the moment. xx #fortheloveofblogs

  • It’s one that will spark a lot of debate isn’t it. I’m glad to see a Mummy Blogger tackling the subject though – we Mum’s have brains too! I’m firmly in the ‘stay in’ camp but each to their own. I just think its going to shape the countries future for all our babies that we blog about so us Mums had better get on board and give it a lot of thought. Great, thought provoking post! Thanks for sharing with us on #fortheloveofBLOG x

  • I’m definately a remain voter but I think the campaign on both sides has been awful. I don’t feel like the remain campaign has really listened to anyone’s conceres about staying in the EU, preferring the “everyone who votes to leave is an idiot, aren’t we so clever and smug” rhetoric. But the leave campaign has just been misleading over their facts and promising things anyone has any idea are possible. Have you read Martin Lewis’ article on it? It’s very balanced and sets out all the arguments really clearly.

    Oh and the £300m a week figure doesn’t take into account the subsidies and funding we receive from the EU which dramatically reduces this figure.

  • I am really confused too and agree that neither camp have put forward any particularly brilliant arguments. In fact, those live debates have just been a shambles in my opinion. I’ve always gone by the motto ‘if in doubt, leave it out’ and so for that reason I will probably vote to stay. But who knows what is the right way – I fear we will only know one way or the other by leaving and then it will be too late. #fortheloveofblog x

  • I’m really confused as well, and to be honest I am not sure that my registration to vote went through properly (though I’m hoping it did!)

    My husband is the political one (and his registration went through!) and is trying to explain it to me. This is a really well reasoned post giving both sides and like Katy I think better the devil you know!!

  • I’m definitely IN. I believe that human progress is all about working together with others and sharing knowledge rather than keeping the good things in life to yourself within one’s own tribe. It also really annoys me that immigrants are made to be scapegoats for everything that’s viewed to be a problem in the UK. It’s just plain wrong. Immigrants contribute more to the economy than they take out. #StrongerTogether #Remain

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