Independence Day?

Waking up to the shocking headlines of Brexit and the truly awful site of Nigel Farage stating that this was Independence Day conjured only one image for me:

Yep that’s right not the happy celebrations of the US Independence Day but the film. In a way Farage looks a bit like those creepy aliens…

I have to say that personally I was shocked and I haven’t yet spoken to anyone in the leave camp. I know you guys are out there, after all there are 17 million of you! It’s probably because I surround myself with like minded people. I should perhaps diversify my friend group. That might help me understand how this happened.

I wasn’t shocked at David Cameron’s resignation but I am disgusted. You led us into this mess David. Thanks for jumping ship now we are sinking. The person who decided the vote should be a majority rather than having to reach a substantial percentage needs taking out back. We now have a country completely divided. Half celebrating ‘IndependenceDay’ while the rest await the arrival of a deadly force of aliens!  

So far Independence Day appears more like Dooms Day to us in the Remain camp. There has been a bit of hysteria with people crying ‘but what about the children…’ Don’t get me wrong. I do worry what this will mean for my kids in the future. I don’t however think that this is the most important issue right now.

Our main concerns should be, in my opinion, what will happen to our relationships around the world? I believe in the line ‘Stonger Together’. Looking at the voting split across the UK, I can already see Scotland and Northern Ireland moving away from England. We seem to have forgotten about Gibraltar completely! Remember them? How will they be effected? Farage speaks about sovereignty but to me it looks like our Kingdom will soon be broken apart. We aren’t even united in England. The  divide between the Capital and the U.K. grows larger, on this, Independence Day.


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