Personalised Cupcakes from Caketoppers

We are no strangers to cake here at Petite Pudding. In fact people who turn up to our house without cake in hand may find they are not granted admittance! So imagine my joy when we were offered some cupcakes to review. Not just cupcakes either, but personalised with our own choice of pictures. How was I supposed to say no to that?

Having responded with lightning speed to an email from Sam at Caketoppers, saying yes please, send me cake. I got on to the Caketoppers website to have a little nosey around what products they had to offer. I was impressed with the range available. Not only can you order personalised cupcakes with photos or messages on from £13.49 for 6. You can also order bigger cakes for birthdays, all personalised for just over £30. You can also order your cakes for next day delivery during the week.

When my chosen cupcakes arrived I was slightly concerned I may have to share them with my Mum who was staying. But luckily they arrived the day before she left and we just didn’t find time to open them…. However,

after she had gone I decided to get a pot of tea on the go and see what Caketoppers had sent me.


I was really impressed with the quality of the photos – they looked fabulous. Very clear and both the coloured photo and the black and white were very effective.


Still the proof of the pudding as they say is in the eating. Well, I can tell you something I was not disappointed. One cupcake was vanilla and the other was chocolate with chocolate icing. Unfortunately Pie had found me hiding in the kitchen with my cupcake goodies and because his picture was on one he claimed the vanilla one for himself. He tells me it was amazing…


The chocolate one was mine and there was no way I was sharing it! I can honestly say it was one of the most moist cupcakes I have ever eaten. The icing was perfect and not too much on the top. The photograph didn’t impact on the taste or texture of the cake at all. I did have an initial moment where I thought should I be eating Pudding’s face, but after the first mouthful any thoughts like that soon disappeared.


The only truly disappointing thing about the cakes from Caketoppers was that there were only two of them! Don’t get me wrong the cakes themselves were perfect size to go with a cuppa. But I just wished I had another one for my next cup of tea!

If you would like to try some of these delicious cupcakes please use my discount code PPUD10 for 10% on the Caketoppers website. Believe me you will not be disappointed. Please feel free to send me some too!


*Disclaimer: I received the cupcakes free of charge to complete this review. All opinions are my own*

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