Review of #Serenz Allergy Relief – Itchy Nose be Gone!

I recently responded to an advert looking for bloggers with allergies and general nasal irritation. Yes I know it’s not sexy to bang on about snotty noses. But my nose really is a source of constant consternation in my life. From as far back as I can remember I have always been a bit, well, on the snotty side!

When I was offered the chance to try Serenz I was a bit sceptical. I have tried various sprays for my nostrils including prescription steroids. But I though well what’s to lose right?
I was quietly impressed when I opened the box. The Serenz was like nothing I had seen before. It wasn’t a spray as such. Serenz is a carbon dioxide emitting nostril cleaner! That is the best way I can describe it.

How to use Serenz

You take the Serenz and activate it with a special key. You then place the nozzle in your nostril and breathe through your mouth. This is not an inhalation product. Press the button and it emits a puff of carbon dioxide into your nostril. Repeat for the other nostril. You can use the spray up to 6 times a day. Read more about Serenz on their website 

You are instructed to hold the button down on the Serenz for 10 seconds, in each nostril. For me the sensation of having carbon dioxide pumped into my nostrils was quite uncomfortable. I had to build up to 10 seconds over a couple of days. The first day I managed about a second! It still remains a strange sensation but I am getting used to it.

Does it work?

I would say I have seen an improvement. I can’t say that it is for sure the Serenz spray as I have not been suffering as much these last weeks. But it certainly makes my nostrils feel less itchy and there has been less congestion. Apparently it hasn’t improved my snoring…

I would certainly say if you have tried other things and to no avail the Serenz is worth a try. You can purchase Serenz Allergy relief spray online. Retailing at around £18 it’s quite pricey and does take some getting used too. But anything has to beat an itchy nose…

I was gifted the product to complete this review – all opinions contained within are my own. This is a sponsored post.

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