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#PuddingLove Week 10

So here we are week 11, if you have swung past this page early you will have seen that we are moving our lovely linky to Sunday nights. This is for a few reasons, firstly people have said there is not much in the way of linky’s on Sunday and we aim to satisfy. Secondly I am due back to work in a couple of weeks and although I will have to work some weekends it hopefully won’t be all of them!

We had a fab time in the Lake District, why not pop over and have a nosey at Pudding’s boat trip post she does look great in life jacket. I will be back to update this page in the week – keep your eyes peeled for our new linky news letter and crazy tweet-out regarding the change of day. We hope to see you all on Sunday

Pudding’s Mum xx

#PuddingLove Week 9

So lets get it on for Week 9! Am pleased to announce that this week we have secured ourselves a lovely new guest host, who if we don’t scare off in this first week , will hopefully be joining us on a regular basis. It’s a big hello to Rachel from @mrs_rachb Rachel writes about being a working mum with two girls; 11 and 5 years old. Oh they have also just brought a puppy too! You can find Rachel’s crazy life here and on Facebook

We were a bit of a smaller linky last week – I am blaming it on the good weather and the amount of wine I heard about being consumed through my Twitter feed! Hopefully this week we will get a few more join the party. Nonetheless the linked up posts were still brilliant and this week my special mention goes to @sothisismemrsT and her ranting post it was such a good rant I found myself joining in! This weeks Top Pudding has been awarded to @islandliving365 for the post about deciding not to try for a third child. It was such a brave post, on a subject that has been close to my heart recently. Thank you very much for sharing, grab yourself the new and improved Top Pudding badge!

This week I am linking my post about juggling childcare round the ridiculous shift patterns that my husband and I work as nurses – with me due back to work in the next few weeks some military precision planning (and a lot of wine) is required! Rachel has added her post about her progressing treatment for OCD, a brave post and well worth a read.

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Here we are week 8 – this is an extra special week as #PuddingLove falls on my Birthday, so I am expecting lots of extra lovely linkers as a birthday present!! I was honoured this week to be mentioned by @islandliving365 on her Tots100 post, hopefully we may even get to see some new faces 🙂 It has been another crazy week at Pudding HQ with more flooring issues (I won’t bore you) but I apologise for not yet replying to all the great comments on my post last week, I will get to this, I promise you I have read them all. I just figured you would all rather I commented on your fab posts and retweeted them!

So on with the show – we had a new record number of posts again last week, which is brilliant and as I strolled around the linked blogs I notice how many of you are sharing the love with your fellow bloggers, so thank you for being such fabulous people! I loved @drmummykins post about first aid boxes, really useful for all families and I very much enjoyed @mummyinatutu ‘s Singing My Heart out, Katie really does have an amazing voice! But this weeks Top Pudding is awarded to @laughingmum for her post Mission(ary) Impossible, this rang a bit to true for me and had me chuckling all the way through. Grab yourself the Top Pudding badge hun and well done.

My linked post this week is from my new guest series Inspirational Parents, the first post is from Amy Jackson at The Lily Mae Foundation, she shares her truly inspiring tale and how she is helping to support other parents who lose their babies.

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I can’t believe this linky is at week 7 already, and it grows a little more each week, so thank you to all those who help out with the retweets. I am also pleased to see that everyone is taking the time to comment on several of the posts, it all helps to build our community. If you could pop back and have a look at the last couple of posts that would be great as we had a few later linkers. A big thank you to Sarah (@themumzilla) for helping out with guest hosting last week, this week its just me, myself and I.

It has been a crazy busy week at Pudding HQ due to the removal and refitting of the flooring through out the entire downstairs of the house – to say it has been chaotic is an understatement! Still we are nearly there now, but it has left little time for blogging, so I apologise for the delay in commenting on all your great posts this week.

Anyway one with the show! There were as always some fantastic posts this week special mentions to @petitelibrary with her great post about marriage, I also felt my heartstrings pulled with @secremumlife ‘s post about her sons battle with PTSD. My absolute favourite this week and a very worthy Top Pudding is @fivelittledoves with her fantastic post ‘What Does Motherhood Mean to You?’ I felt like this really did cover the essence of motherhood so well and was beautifully written. Please grab yourself a Top Pudding badge!

This week I am linking up my post that was originally written for meetothermums.com, I love people watching and this post is my musings about all the different Mums’ I see at groups, soft play and on the school run. Which Mum are you?? (I am definitely Frazzled Mum, especially this week!)

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Week 6

Well I am pleased to say that Week 5 saw a new record with 29 posts linked! I think this was in part thanks to my amazing guest host Rachel (@rachelbustin) who tweeted, commented and promoted her socks off. Huge amount of gratitude to Rachel as I was poorly last Wednesday and totally unable to give #PuddingLove the attention it needed and she very kindly stepped up to the plate and did everything 🙂

This week we are pleased to announce that Sarah (@themumzilla) has kindly agreed to guest host with us, as her own fab linky #chucklemums is currently on holiday.  You can find Sarah rambling on about whatever is drifting through her head at Mumzilla.co.uk or @themumzilla, she is also bringing some prestige to #PuddingLove following the inclusion of her 10 Faces of Weaning on HuffPost!

Right so on with the show – there was so much choice this week as there were so many fab posts that I have had a hard time picking just two mentions! But I did particularly enjoy @TammyMumUK with her post about blogger brain and also the very funny post about turning into your Granny from @babyorbankruptBut this weeks Top Pudding for me has to be @CrossNewBridges such a beautiful and sad story that really tugged at my heart strings written  by an exceptionally brave lady – please grab yourself the Top Pudding badge.

With out more ado – lets get on with the linky due to my inability to organise myself and after having a fantastic weekend away with Mr P, I am afraid Pudding hasn’t written her usual update so she has allowed me to link up my review of Bakerdays cakes, which I thoroughly enjoyed last week with my good friend over a large bucket of tea! Sarah has linked up her favourite things post which is well worth a read.

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Week 5

Here we are again for week 5 of #PuddingLove! Last week saw our best week so far with 20 fantastic posts linked up, I have to say it made me very happy to hear my phone ping every time someone else joined. So a big thank you to my fellow tribesters for really getting behind me and also a big thank you to all those who spread the love and took the time to comment. It was fab to be joined by @SothisismeMrsT who did a great job retweeting and promoting this little linky 🙂 There really were some gems this week and I have to give special mention to @babyanon for the hilarity that was post-baby workout and to @animperfectmum who has convinced me that I may actually be Dutch. But my Top Pudding this week goes to @scandimummy with her wonderful review of The Great Little Trading Co. showroom accompanied with some truly beautiful pictures, please grab yourself the Top Pudding badge!

This week I am joined by the lovely Rachel from @rachelbustin. Rachel loves to blog about her everyday journeys through parenting, mixing it up with book reviews, recipes, gardening and anything else that pops into her head. She writes reviews on things that they enjoy as a family including places they go and what they eat, read or wear. Come and check out her site here

So lets get on with the show, this week I am linking up the latest from Pudding, who has been enjoying baby massage and screaming competitions with Pie. Rachel has gone for a more meaningful addition and has linked up her post about c-section awareness week. Feel free to link up with what ever you would like, we look forward to reading. Please don’t forget to tag us both on twitter @petite_pudding and @rachelbustin for a retweet using the #PuddingLove. I will continue to retweet when I have commented for some extra hits for everyone! (See there is nothing but love here)

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Week 4

Wow Week 4 already – our little linky is growing each week and we had 13 fabulous posts last week, thanks to you for all your retweets and help with the linky advertising, we are not quite the powerhouse that is #BloggerClubUK but who doesn’t like small and intimate right? I am trying to retweet you when I comment to give your post a bit more twitter time too. To help grow our little community I am introducing a guest host each week, if this is something you would like to get involved with then let me know!
Our first guest-host is the fabulous Katie from So This is Mrs T  ‘I’m Katie a 30 something mum of two boys and a newlywed blogging about life, love and everything in between. So come and join me and my adventures with my family. So pleased to be asked to co-host this week’s Pudding Love.’ (@sothisismemrst) Katie has been a great advocate for #PuddingLove right from the off so it is a pleasure to have her on board this week to help out with the commenting and retweets.
Again I have struggled to pick my favourite, as you have probably realised I like a post that makes me chuckle but actually this week I have to say the post that really got to me was from @Parenting123, if you haven’t read this I would strongly recommend doing so https://parentingbynumbers.wordpress.com/2016/04/23/the-day-i-was-accused-of-hurting-my-children/ . I was appalled at how people had treated Lola and this post really stuck with me, grab yourself the #TopPudding badge Lola you deserve it. Special mention also to Claudia (@Drmummykins) a fantastic post highlighting the difficulties of all those in the caring profession when having to juggle their families and their job. I could honestly write something about all of you, such an amazing bunch of bloggers 🙂
This week I have linked up the latest from Pudding, mainly for the gorgeous photo of her and Pie taken by the fabulous Mr Pudding. The bond between my two scrumptious little ones grows everyday and it makes me so proud to see them together.
That’s it from me – get yourselves linked up and don’t forget to tweet @petite_pudding and @sothisismrst for a retweet. Looking forward to reading another set of great posts!
Love Pudding’s Mum x

Week 3

So here we are Week 3 of #PuddingLove! Well you have hopefully found us safely in our new home following an epic move this week, bear with us while we sort out some technical bits. Still without further ado I am pleased to announce that post of the week came from @BabyAnon – grab yourself the ‘Top Pudding’ badge! a very funny post about baby’s first bath that had me chuckling come and see for yourself  My First Bath – Secret Life of Baby All the posts were great last week and I think a special mention to @mummyitsok for the post on how you can help someone with postnatal depression was very helpful and informative.
This week, as many of you may have seen, we have had a great weekend at Bluestone Wales, my post reviews what a great place this is and explains the joys of holidays at Pudding HQ.
Thats’ it from me, get yourselves linked up and I look forward to reading this weeks posts!!
Love Puddings’ Mum


Some excellent posts for our first week at #PuddingLove, I really enjoyed all of them, special mentions for @mummyinatutu for her picture post which included some lovely pictures and also to @parentingjungle but there can only be one #TopPudding. Fan fare please! I am excited to announce that the first Top Pudding is Colley’s Wobbles (@colleywobbles), fab post and hit a few personal notes for me, drawings were also funny and brilliant – well worth a Read if you haven’t already. Please grab yourself the *new and exclusive* Top Pudding badge chick 🙂

I have gone back to the archives for my linked up post this week,‘Introducing Pudding’ reminiscing about the arrival of Pudding and those first few weeks getting a new family balance. Was a difficult few weeks but I do miss those newborn snuggles. Looking forward to reading all your posts, we are away this weekend, but I will comment on all before next Wednesday




Our First Ever Linky! 06/04/2016