Beware the WerePudding

Now I know that in ghost stories they say the witching hour is midnight. Some people think the spirits arise around 3am to camp out in creepy town. That this is when blood curdling screams rip through the air… Not so at Pudding HQ. Our witching hour(s) are 3-6pm. This is when the ear splitting shriek of the WerePudding can be heard.

It’s a terrifying sound that rises to a crescendo quite quickly. Once the fever has set in there is no turning back until the magical bath of bubbles is found once more; followed by the creamy elixir of Hipp. There are no silver bullets to slay the beast. The only cure should have been administered earlier on in the day in the form of a long uninterrupted sleep. But while the WerePudding’s fangs are still coming in, sleep is a rare commodity that is not often afforded during daylight hours…

geralt / Pixabay
Unfortunately the WerePudding is not restricted to the lunar cycle and she doesn’t give a monkey’s which phase the moon is in. Her primal desire is to find something suitable to gnaw on. Ideally human flesh (necks and fingers appear to be a staple). She is also partial to a giraffe… A WerePudding can be temporarily distracted by a parsnip or some such pureed substance. This is a short-term fix and will not halt the eventual appearance of a fully fledged monster.

There are no real warning signs before the turn. One minute there can be delightful giggles and then in a blink of an eye the beast is there. Fangs bared, frothing at the mouth and howling to the sky. You can attempt to ward off the creature with Bonjela or teething powders.  On occasion a well-timed dose of calpol has proved a useful weapon. But none are fool-proof, and it would be a mistake to rely on any one should you be trapped in a confined space with the WerePudding.

The WerePudding does respond to the call of her own. Should you place similarly afflicted babies in her presence she can usually ensure that they can all howl in unison. This means that any social activity is completely abandoned. Leaving the WerePudding’s mother home alone to deal with this tricky creature…


11 thoughts on “Beware the WerePudding

  1. Haha that picture is so cute ahaha! Poor you! I hate saying this all the time because I feel like I will end up with evil glares in my direction, but Mini didn’t have too much trouble with her teeth. She was a little more grumpy and had interrupted sleep but that was all really! In fact, I didn’t even realised that she was teething with 3/4 of her back teeth! I really feel for you though, because the 4th one is making her cry like a banshee…not at home, but as soon as we go anywhere!

    Lucy xx


  2. Awww – look a that face! There’s no way she’s beastly! πŸ™‚

    Seriously, though – those late afternoon hours can be tough. The Popple usually wakes up from her afternoon nap angry and it just continues until dinner. #chucklemums

  3. god we have it here too! Ours is from about 430pm to bedtime at 630pm and i tend to do the “shock horror” put the tV or iPad on. I can do most things; sick, body fluid and baby food but whinge aint one of them! p.s brill pic, she’s a stunner #Chucklemums

  4. Fantastic pic! Ah the witching hour for us is 5-6pm…all hell breaks loose until the milk appears…CBeebies and Bing are my faithful friends to get through it πŸ™‚ #triballove #chucklemums

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