Full Fat Pudding Update – No Need For A Spoon

Hey Pudding Fans! So it’s been a bit quiet on the blog for the last few weeks. This is because Mummy has been working super hard in her new job. There is also talk of selling our house, which means my toys keep getting put away. So it has fallen to me to give you my own update on what I have been up too 🙂

First off there is the walking thing. I have to say I am not the biggest fan. I mean I can do it, but why bother when I am faster than the flash at crawling. It’s not even as if I need to walk. Pie will bring me anything I need, so I can just sit and point at stuff! Besides my mother tells me I look like a drunken cow when I stagger about the place. I know she is cruel isn’t she?

I have however developed a new talent. I love singing, I have taken to waking the house with my beautiful voice every morning. If this can be accompanied by dancing and clapping then all the better. Mum says I am not quite ready for the Voice yet but I think they are missing an important talent…

So Mummy has started her new job now, it means she is out of the house most days. This is making me super clingy to her when she is home. It’s also making her super tired. Still she looks pretty happy so I am guessing she is enjoying herself. I love the fact that my grandparents now come over once a week to look after me. We are always getting into mischief. Daddy also has a set day that he has off work so we get a day together too. Then its off to the childminders for two days at the end of the week – which I love. So many toys to play with and lots of new people to meet. I am a very busy Pudding these days.

We had to find a new home for Toby the giraffe stealing sausage dog just before Christmas. He was really unhappy once I started to get about. Mummy used to find me sitting there using his tail as teether and poor Toby looking very sad. He now lives with a lovely lady and her sausage dog. They play all day and he gets lots of cuddles. I think Mummy was sad that we had to say goodbye to him, but she knows it is better for Toby. We still have the fat lazy sausage though! She and I are firm friends, in fact we are mischief makers together! I do wish she would stop licking my face though….

I think that is all from me for now. Especially as there is something unspeakable in my pants. I am going to go and waft myself next to Daddy to see if he will sort me out.

Until next time Pudding Fans!!



6 thoughts on “Full Fat Pudding Update – No Need For A Spoon”

  • So cute! It’s very interesting to “hear” about a day (or week) from a little one’s perspective (even if it is a little bit of a guess). Kudos to you for knowing when your pet would be better off in a different home (I’m still trying to convince Hubby of this for our dog, Loki (atlhough it is partly selfish because I will be better off with him in a different home too!)).

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