Introducing #PuddingPoses!

So I have recently dived into the wonderful world of Instagram – I feel slightly blown away by the amazing pictures I have seen. I have to say my own prowess needs a little fine tuning in this area, but I am a lover of a good filter (especially as they manage to hide various flaws in my own very amateur photography skills) So with this in mind, I thought I might start a little photo fun of my own.

Now my good friend Pat at White Camellias, has her own brilliant Instagram hashtag going, #WorldOfLittles. The photographs on here are fantastic and her weekly round up takes my breath away, you can check it out here. So inspired by this great idea, but lacking in any photography ability I have decided to run a monthly snapshot spotlight. Drum roll please….. announcing the start of #PuddingPoses! I am not looking for that perfect picture, more a quick snap that encapsulates a moment. Check out a few of my latest snaps to get some inspiration!

Fancy joining in? Get snapping, you can use the #PuddingPoses as many times as you like over the month. Feel free to tag me @petite_pudding on twitter and on Instagram. On the 1st of the month I will pick 3 photos, a cute one, a funny one and my personal favourite! The three pictures will be featured in my round-up.

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23 thoughts on “Introducing #PuddingPoses!

  1. So cute! I’m new-ish on Instagram as well (I just followed you – I’m modernmomslife) and I love finding great photos to snap and share. I find the more I take, the better I feel about my photo skills. Keep on snapping and sharing!

  2. Love that pic of her reading! I think it’s a great idea, but I’m not on Instagram so can’t join in. I know I probably should be, but Twitter already takes up a lot of my time! #puddinglove #triballove

  3. What a fantastic idea!! I must join in! Gorgeous photos! I’ve only recently joined Instagram too and my photography leaves much to be desired! Thank you for hosting X #puddinglove

  4. Aw, this is a wonderful idea. I’l definitely try and join in. I’ve just followed you on instagram. Agree with Jessica that the more photos you take the better you feel about as you learn with every shot. #PuddingLove

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

  5. Ahhh this is such a cute idea! I am quite new to the world of instagram, and don’t post on there as much as I should, but I will definitely try to remember to join in πŸ™‚
    Thanks for hosting #puddinglove

  6. I love this. I think it’s a great idea and love the photos you have shared for inspirations. Thanks for mentioning me and I’ll definitely be using #puddingposes X

  7. What a great idea, and what gorgeous pics. Pudding you’re absolutely adorable, love the one of you engrossed in your book. #puddinglove

  8. Oh, I love this idea! I am going to post one today … I am loving instagram, and didn’t know about Pat’s hashtag – must also include! #puddinglove

  9. Wow, what a really good idea! I have no idea about Instagram as I’m only just getting to grips with twitter – I don’t know how you do it all! I love the photos, especially the first one of your pudding reading – ahhhhh #PuddingLove x

  10. I absolutely love your Instagram pictures. They always make me smile πŸ™‚ I also love Instagram but feel like its hard to get the ball running. And I as well am self conscious about my picture taking as the only camera I really have these days is attached to my phone. It reminds me that I need to find my handed down nice camera from high school. Thanks for hosting #puddinglove

  11. I love these pictures, especially the little one with the red blanket, look at that face!!! I have made a note for that hashtag, I love the idea of this as I am no photo pro! Instagram is a hard nut to crack!xxx #puddinglove

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