#PuddingPoses August Round Up 

Welcome to our #PuddingPoses August Round Up! Our little Instagram community is slowly growing. Don’t forget to help us spread the word. Some really great baby snaps this month, if you haven’t checked out the feed on Instagram you need too!

My favourites from my own feed this month show an ever-growing Pudding. Our weaning journey continues and I don’t think it will be long before she is on the move!!

Any way enough of my silly Pudding. On with your fabulous pictures! So many hilarious photos this month,  but I love this from Babies Biscuits & Booze! Straight for the expensive wine at his grandparents – a baby after my own heart 😊😊😊

My next pick is from Bridie By The Sea. Love this one of her little lady striding out, looking very determined!

Top cuteness has to go to this little girl posted by Kate Eccles. Such a cheeky little face! Has got mischief written all over her 🙈🙈

My star post this month and absolute fave is from Whinge Whine. I think it’s because I can relate to the look of innocence after the discovery of total destruction!

So that’s my round-up for August. Hope you like them and don’t forget to keep tagging #PuddingPoses for your chance to feature 😊

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