#PuddingPoses – June Round-Up

Welcome to the first monthly round-up of #PuddingPoses! It’s been a good first month building this little Instagram community. Please share the hashtag and let’s see if we can get any more people involved.

My favourites this month from my own #PuddingPoses include this great shot of Pudding stealing Mr Pud’s bed:

It was just a quick snap and just captured her perfectly as Daddy came home from work.

My other favourite, was this of her attempting look innocent! It had in fact taken me 20 minutes to clean her after dinner.

My big boy Pie has chosen his 3 #PuddingPoses pictures this month. His first choice is this one, by Mouse, Moo and Me Too


I have to say I agree that this is a super cute snap. Love the eyes!

Next up Pie chose this by My Little Yarn Baby

A photo posted by Lucy (@mylittleyarnbaby) on

He thought it was funny because little one was totally sparked out! I think it is funny because Mum thinks she is going to get some painting done!

But his favourite for the month was this by This Happened To Me Today

He loved it! I think it’s probably because it does capture happiness to a T. A beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing with us.

So that concludes our round-up this month. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we have.You can find all our featured Instagrammers by following the links to their accounts. See you in August and keep tagging #PuddingPoses!

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