Did Some One Say Cake? Bakerdays Review

So one day while I was cruising around on Twitter a little tweet popped up from Bakerdays asking me if I would be interested in reviewing one of their cakes. I was like ‘hold the phone; review a cake? this looks like something I could definately do!’ and so I sent them a tweet straight back and the rest as they say is history..

Bakerdays Cake

I had heard about Bakerdays through a fellow blogger who had also been offered this fantastic opportunity, her review was so good my mouth was watering at the end of it, so you can imagine how excited I was last week when Bakerdays emailed me to say my cake was on its way, but before I start to give you the full lowdown on the cake itself let me first tell you a bit about Bakerdays.

Bakerdays is an internet firm that specialises in what they call ‘letterbox’ cakes – these lovely 5 inch cakes are perfect to send through the post to friends or family. All the cakes come with the option to personalise, you can add pictures or words and Bakerdays have designs suitable for any occasion. The amazing thing about Bakerdays is that you can order your cake right up until 2pm the day before and they will deliver the very next working day, 6 days a week. The websiteย https://www.bakerdays.com/ is easy to navigate and simple to use, personalising the cake takes a few moments, I felt quite spoilt for choice when I came to pick my cake to review. Eventually I chose one of the lovely thank you cakes for my friend Michelle who has been a star since Pudding was born (and I knew she wouldn’t mind sharing her cake with me!)

When the postman knocked on the door the morning after the email I knew it was going to be my cake (sorry Michelle’s cake…) he handed me a small white box, but unfortunately I had to wait for Michelle to come over the following night so I sat and stared at the box for 24 hours… Finally the moment came – we were both quite excited and I was really suprised when I opened the box and found the cake was presented in a lovely little tin, with a card and a tube of love hearts. I was impressed buy the presentation and wrapping, if I was to receive this through the post from a friend I would be really chuffed. Having persuaded Michelle not to eat the love hearts before I did a few pictures for the review, we moved on to opening the tin and looking at the cake itself.


Again I was impressed at the quality of the icing and personalisation, the cake had travelled fine in its box and personal cake tin.

Bakerdays Cake

Once we took the cake out we thought it was cute and perfect for a couple of people to share with a cuppa.

Bakerdays Cake


Then came the important part the taste test, so having made the required brew, we opened the cake! The icing was lovely and soft and when I cut through the cake the sponge was moist and had just the right amount of butter cream.

Bakerdays Cake


Finally the part I had been waiting for was upon us – the tasting! Well where to start, so apart from being cute, personalised and well presented the cake tasted amazing. It was a lovely melt in the mouth sponge surrounded in smooth butter cream and soft icing.

Bakerdays Cake

I initially thought that I would manage two slices (because I am a pig) but in actual fact one slice was quite rich so I think this cake would easily serve 4 people. Both Michelle and I agreed that it was a beautiful and tasty gift and we would certainly think about sending one to our friends and family. Thank you Bakerdays for giving us the opportunity to review your amazing cake!

Feel like trying a Bakerdays cake? Or want to send one to a friend? Connect with Bakerdays at Facebook, Twitter or at their Website

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47 thoughts on “Did Some One Say Cake? Bakerdays Review”

    • They are pretty ace I have to say – would certainly send one for a family birthday. Thanks for commenting x

    • I know right? Straight the the front door and ready to eat, what an amazing idea! Thanks for commenting x

  • I want cake – just true sharing this review. Joking, we loved our baker days cake too and I think anything involving cake is genius especially if it fits through your letterbox ๐ŸŒธ Great review hun ๐ŸŒธ

    • I always want cake too – maybe they should do a monthly subscription for us cake fiends?? Thanks for commenting hun x

  • It seams you had wonderful time reviewing a cake with your friend. Cake and ice-cream are the things that I just can’t give up! #BliggerClubUK

    • It was a lovely evening made even better by a great cake! I might be able to give up cake, but I think I would be very sad… Thanks for commenting x

    • I reckon I could have eaten it myself, but reckon Michelle would have raised an eyebrow if she walked in to find a plate of crumbs and me with butter cream on my chin… Thanks for linking xx

    • Thank you for your lovely comment – it was our first review so not familiar with how they should read, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for linking up xx

    • Glad the review hit the spot, I can still taste that amazing cake, I may just have to order myself one! Thanks for linking up xx

  • Bakerdays cakes are fab – I was lucky enough to be sent one for my 2nd blog birthday and it was just right for four people. Love the design that you chose and glad you and Michelle enjoyed it ๐Ÿ™‚ #PuddingLove

    • They are a perfect size for 4 – I don’t think I would be happy having to share it with any more, because I love my cake too much! Thanks for linking up this week xx

    • It is pretty great when you first open that lid and get hit with the smell of cake ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for linking up this week xx

    • They are a great gift idea, and so easy to send. Thanks for your lovely comments and pleased to see you linking up with us this week xx

  • I’ve never heard of these before but wow they look good!! I’m GF these days so cake is something that I really crave, I can almost taste it!!! #puddinglove

    • They are fab – I don’t know if they do a GF cake, but it might be worth offering to review one if they did! I don’t think I could handle living in a world with no cake… Thanks for linking up this week xx

    • Ah my mum waited until we were in bed and then scoffed the whole thing to herself… unacceptable in my opinion, reckon I can see it on her hips though! Thanks for linking up xx

    • I know what an epic idea hey? I am totally down with this idea ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for linking up this week x

    • Ha ha and now they are! Looking forward to reading your review as well – thanks for linking up this week x

  • This sounds fabulous!!! What a lovely idea and a fab review! I will be going to their website now and ordering one for my sister’s 30th I think! I am glad you enjoyed it. Cake is one of my favourite things in the whole world!!!

  • This sounds fabulous!!! What a lovely idea and a fab review! I will be going to their website now and ordering one for my sisterโ€™s 30th I think! I am glad you enjoyed it. Cake is one of my favourite things in the whole world!!! #puddinglove

    • Cheers love, I can totally recommend, I really was very impressed. Hope your sister enjoys hers. Thanks for linking up this week x

  • Oh MY GOD CAAKE. I love cake so much. Do you think they would deliver to the U.S.? My Mom would be soooo happy if I sent her a cake! They look cute and sounds like they taste delicious. Nice review! Thanks for linking with #StayClassy!

    • Ah I wish they did send abroad, but unfortunately at the moment they don’t hopefully with all these great reviews they will expand! Thanks for hosting lovely x

  • I really like the Bakerdays model…everyone says their cake is yummy and it’s a really different way of sending well wishes to someone that you can’t make actual for. Lovely review, glad you enjoyed the cake! #stayclassy

    • I think its a really fab idea, I def think I will send one down to my Dad in a few weeks for his birthday. Thanks for your lovely comment x

    • Agreed, I am totally dropping hints to people about my birthday next week and how great it would be to get one of these! Thanks for commenting and linking up x

    • I know I felt the tin was a really good touch, I was a bit sad that my friend took it with her. Great cakes though! Thanks for commenting chick x

  • I reviewed one of their Christmas cakes and I loved it! I usually find the icing too sweet on these types of cakes but theirs was just right
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ooh I didn’t know they did Christmas cake – will have to look for that later in the year. My friend isn’t a huge icing fan either and she really enjoyed the cake too. Thanks for hosting and commenting x

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