Chicco Lullago Crib


What a fantastic idea the Chicco Lullago crib is – bigger than a Moses basket and perfect for keeping in Mum & Dads room. It’s great for staying away from home too as it folds small for transport and takes seconds to put together at the other end.Chicco Lullago Crib

We have been using this as Puddings main bed since she was born, with its mainly closed in fabric sides it just seemed warmer than her cot during those chilly winter months. She certainly seems to sleep very well in it and the mattress appears quite comfortable. Most importantly the mattress doesn’t rustle everyttime she wriggles so it’s not like sleeping next to a crisp packet all night. The Chicco Lullago is a great size, It gives Pudding lots of room, not that she really uses it as she still likes to be swaddled up like a sausage, but if she wanted to she could sleep like a starfish! Because of its big size the Lullago can be used up to 6 months unlike a normal Moses basket, making it a better value but at around £80..

We particularly like how the Lullago folds into a handy travel bag as we do spend quite a few nights at relatives. It’s so easy to pack away, take the mattress out and fold it in half, whip the legs off, collapse the bed put everything in carry bag – Roberts you Dad’s Brother – ready to go. Being able to take Puuddings bed with us has really helped to settle her when we are away as everything smells of her and is familiar.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the Chicco Lullago is pretty, we have ours in battleship grey. (they call
it dove grey, but who are they kidding?) It’s not ugly as such but more serviceable than pleasing to the eye, none of your cutesy Moses baskets here. The other real nuisance are sheets for the Lullago – you can buy the specific designed ones from Chicco for a whopping £30 for 2, or I managed to get some small flat cot sheets that worked quite well and I did make some pretty ones on the sewing machine too.

Overall the Chicco Lullago does exactly
what Chicco says it will do! We have been pleased how well the product has fitted into our family life and would recommend it.

Official Rating: 🍰🍰🍰🍰 4/5

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