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We have been big fans of white noise and the benefits it can bring babies ever since Pie was born. When ever he went for a sleep we would pop on a white noise that was based on a train! It was a standard joke when he was a baby. ‘Whats Pie doing? Oh he is riding his train…’ Pudding has had her dream sheep since the day she was born. You could say then that we are connoisseurs of white noise. So when we were approached by Fade Away Sleep Sounds to review their product we said yes!

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Fade Away Sleep Sounds was started by Kevin. Who with two small boys of his own and a daily bedtime struggle, discovered the benefits of white noise:

‘Sure Einstein created the theory of relativity… whatever.  I’ll be impressed when someone shows me a video of him doing a dip, dip, swing, dip of a fuzzy baby wrapped in a perfect swaddle while making the “shushing” sound for precisely eleven seconds.

That’s why I created Fade Away Sleep Sounds™. It’s a collection of some of Mother Natures best sounds along with sounds made from common household appliances that thousands of parents are probably using with their kids right this very second. But the cool thing with Fade Away Sleep Sounds is you don’t have to wear out your hair dryer to get your kids to sleep!

Fade Away Sleep Sounds

All the sounds either come from nature or from common household appliances. For me personally I cannot stand the sound of the vacuum. I do however love the sound of a thunderstorm. My plan was to start using white noise when Mr Pud and I are on nights. This is in the vague attempt that the white noise muffles the noise of the kids!

The Fade Away Sleep Sounds website is crisp and clean. Easy to navigate menus make it simple to find the white noise you would like. The noises are split into categories, including baby and nature. Each noise has an option to listen to a demo. I had a little listen to a few noises before selecting the Thunder Storm Sound.

Fade Away Sleep Sounds
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I was impressed by the quality of the sound. Unlike other white noise apps I have tried the sound is continuous, no irritating breaks. The rain does actually sound like rain on the window too. I was eager to try it, but as usual someone else got there first…

Sleepy Pudding

I was only testing the sound out and she was a gonna. Maybe it was just coincidence? But I think it speaks volumes!

I used the sound in the evening. I found it really soothing. Personally I love nothing better than falling asleep to a good thunderstorm. I have to say the Fade Away Sleep sound thunderstorm was very relaxing. I was exceptionally tired but I often have trouble switching off at night. Laying there listening to the rain and the soft rumble of thunder helped me drift off. Luckily I had set the laptop to sleep after 15 minutes, I didn’t hear it switch off!

Fancy Trying Fade Away Sleep Sounds?

We have 5 copies of the most popular Fade Away Sleep Sound – Baby Sound (Fan) to give away! Enter using our Rafflecopter below. We will announce our winners on Twitter in 7 days time!
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*We received no payment for this review. We did receive the white noise free in order to conduct the review. All the opinions contained in this review are our own. The prize fulfilment of the giveaway is the responsibility of Fade Away Sleep Sounds and Petite Pudding is only acting as an intermediary*
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