JORD Wood Watches My New Favourite Time Piece and Festive Giveaway

I don’t know about you but I am always chasing time these days. I think it’s the addition of two children in my life. The endless school runs, homework, play dates and household chores mean that time is constantly slipping away from me. But what better way to keep track of those precious minutes than with a gorgeous wooden women’s watch from JORD.

These beautifully crafted time pieces add a unique style to your wrist. Hand crafted from luxury wood and sized to your wrist, its time to make every minute count. Whether you are looking for a man’s watch or a women’s watch JORD has something for everyone. One thing you can certainly say is that these are cool watches.

JORD Women's Watch

The whole experience of receiving a JORD watch is thrilling. This sleek black box arrives at your door. Once you get inside the watch itself is contained in a smart wooden box and there is some wood oil too. This watch just cries out quality before you put it on. For me with my tiny sparrow wrists having a watch that fits immediately was amazing. I literally took it out the box and put it on. No having to go into town and waiting 3 days to have it resized, or the painful experience of attempting to put another hole in the strap. I love that it just fits – beautifully.

JORD women's watch

Now as a nurse I don’t get to wear a wrist watch all that often. When I do get to put a watch on I want it to be special. To fit perfectly and to make me feel like I am not chasing time but that I am enjoying every minute of my day. The sophisticated feel of the Frankie JORD watch against my skin makes me feel that. I love how the light catches off the emerald face. This women’s watch feels light to wear but has an air of quality about it. I have to say that a lot of people have commented on my new time piece.

JORD women's watch

*DISCLAIMER – This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. I received the Frankie women’s watch for free in order to complete this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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