Kit your kids out for Halloween with Pretend To Bee

We don’t have a lot of dress-up stuff at Pudding HQ, in fact when a costume wearing occasion arises it usually involves a certain amount of mummy panic. I rake through the wardrobes looking for stuff I can modify and then spend an evening swearing at the sewing machine! Imagine then my delight when Pretend to Bee offered us a costume to review. With Halloween round the corner the timing could not have been more perfect.

I hopped on to their website and was amazed at the selection they had to offer. Here are a few of my favourites:


The fairy costumes designed by Pretend to Bee are so cute. I can’t wait for Pudding to be big enough to run around in one of these!


After much deliberation I decided on a dragon costume for Pie. He loves to hunt for dragons in the park with his Dad so I thought he would enjoy being dressed up as one. When the costume I arrived I was really impressed with the quality. The dragon was well designed and really well made. Pie instantly stripped to his pants to try it! His only slight complaint was that it was quite warm to wear – but in fairness he had been running round the house roaring for a good 20 minutes!

To remedy the ‘hotness’ I took him over the park in the costume to hunt for some fellow dragons. Personally I think he looks amazing! He certainly seemed to enjoy the added layer to our imaginary play.

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Pretend to Bee have designed a whole range for Halloween and I love the little baby monster costumes. In fact I am very tempted to get one for Pudding…


The Halloween range is very reasonable priced with all the costumes being available for less than £24. Certainly a lot less stressful than making one!


The costumes are of a much higher quality than some of the ones I have seen on the high street, they also are made from material with low flammability. In fact all the costumes are compliant with the EC Toy Safety Directive and the EN71 Toy Safety Standard.

Pretend to Bee certainly get mine and Pie’s recommendation. We know where we will go next time an invitation for a fancy-dress party comes home from school!

*Disclaimer* We were given the costume as a gift in order to complete this review. All opinion are our own.

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