Migloo’s Day – A Book Review

So we were lucky enough to be chosen by Mumsnet to conduct a review on a lovely new book by Willaim Bee, called Migloo’s Day. Pie and I were pretty excited about this as we love to sit and read together. This book sounded right up our alley as it was a search and find book so would give us the opportunity to spend a little time discussing all the things we could see on each page.

SO this week it finally arrived and we were lucky enough to have Nana to stay as well so we could really give the book a thorough review.

Migloo's Day

The first thing to say is that the cover is very bright and busy – Pie was immediately excited by the front of the book and was on the sofa quick as a flash to sit down with Nana and have a look.Migloo's Day

They spent the first 5 minutes familiaraising themselves with all the characters. There were so many this took quite a long time and the only couple that Pie really stuck on were Migloo (the dog) and Mrs Smudge (the painter).

Migloo's Day

Migloo's DayAs they begun the story they found that for the first few pages the story kind of took a back seat as they tried to search for the various people in the pictures, this meant flicking to the front of the book to find out who everyone was. It was quite good fun, but I could see Pie getting a bit restless due to the stopping and starting. As much as he tried he is only 4 and his concentration level is still minimal. After the first few pages there was less spotting to do and more story to read so he settled down a bit and began to listen to what was happening. When we got to the next spotting bit we just concentrated on finding Migloo, which really helped keep him involved with book and not get up and wander off. He certainly seemed to enjoy spending this time with his grandmother.

After Pie had gone up to bed I asked my Mum what she had thought of the book as was interested for her perspective, she felt that it was a bit fragmented because she had to keep going back and looking at the characters. She thought the pictures were cool, but that they were in all honesty a bit busy for her and Pie and that in her opinion it would have been better to have slightly less in each one.

Migloo's DayI had a few reservations about Migloo’s Day because it felt like it would be more suitable for older children who could handle looking for more than one thing on a page. But I loved the illustrations and the fact that Sunnytown had characters from all walks of life doing lots of different jobs. I think as Pie gets older he will get more out of this book and we will be able to spend longer sitting and enjoying searching for the people together. Saying that I came in from the kitchen this evening to find Pie sat on the armchair with the book in his hands searching each page looking for Migloo and talking about Migloo's Daywhat all the people were doing! So I guess he clearly likes the book and the pictures and as a parent what more could you ask for than seeing your child sitting and being so engaged?


We were not paid to conduct this review but we did receive the book for free. All our opinions of Migloo’s Day are our own.


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