Pudding’s Gift Guide 2016: Kids Yoga Mat from Yoga Direct

When Pie started yoga at school, I was pretty skeptical. I mean come on how many 4 year olds can concentrate on yoga? Well I have to admit I was wrong. He loved it. In fact it was the one thing a week that he really enjoyed. Being the conscientious parent that I am I want to be able to cultivate this new-found love of yoga at home. I was delighted then when Yoga Direct offered us the chance to review one of their yoga mats aimed at kids.


The yoga mats are slightly shorter and have great kid friendly designs on them.Yoga Direct do them in pink, blue and orange. I chose the orange one for Pie with the view that eventually Pudding might get into a little yoga herself!

When the mat arrived I was pleased with the quality and Pie was pleased with the design. In fact he knew exactly what it was and what we were going to do with it. Cue a lot of badgering of poor Mr Pud who finally acquiesced and put on the yoga programme on the TV. Pie immediately sat cross-legged on his mat and chirped ‘namaste’.


Well the next 10 minutes were watched with a mixture of pride and hilarity (mainly hilarious watching Mr Pud!) But I was impressed at how Pie stayed on his mat and really focused on the yoga. In this fast paced modern world it’s so important for kids to find a little relaxation and I really think yoga does this for Pie. Having his own mat makes him focus on what is happening. It also mean that he and I can do yoga together when Pudding is napping and its our special thing.


The mats retail at £16.99 and you can buy them on the Yoga Direct website. There are also lots of lovely Mummy things on their was well. Personally I have my sights on one of the eye pillows. Maybe I can teach Pie that when Mummy has her eye pillow on she is not to be disturbed….


DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Kids Yoga Mat from Yoga Direct for free in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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