Pudding’s Gift Guide 2016: Willow The Pillow

Let us introduce to you the amazingly cute and super snuggly Willow The Pillow. This sweet idea is more than just a play thing. As the Willow The Pillow website explains: ‘Deep relaxation boosts our concentration, decision making and creativity. It also promotes greater health and happiness. Sleep allows the brain to clear away the waste products that can contribute to diseases like Alzheimer’s, while processing and making sense of the data we absorb during the day.’ See I told you Willow was more than just cute and cuddly!


I had originally thought that Willow would be perfect for Pudding, who is some what reluctant to snooze on occasions. However, Pie took a real shine to Willow and he has been curling up with him on these cold evening after school. Willow has now made his way into Pie’s bed! Such a simple idea but so great for providing comfort and hopefully an afternoon snooze to your little one. I love the fact that you can take Willow in the car and to friends houses, meaning there is always a sleepy hug at hand.


Willow is an organic cotton pillow case that fits most standard sized pillows or you can have a toddler sized one! Designed with two sleeping eyes and super soft he is perfect for a hug. I have to say that all of us have enjoyed a little cuddle with Willow when we are feeling a bit sleepy in the evenings. Even Mr Pud has been a fan…. Keeping that pesky sausage dog of of Willows face has also been a challenge.


We think Willow would make a great stocking filler. He is certainly going to feature in my post Christmas dinner snooze. You can order Willow here. If you want to check out Willow’s Facebook page with all his current adventures you can find that here.


DISCLAIMER: We received Willow the Pillow free of charge in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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