Snore No More with Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

Snore No More with Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

So recently everyone at Pudding HQ has been disturbed by Mr Puds window rattling snoring. In all honesty it was getting beyond a joke! I was fed up of listening to it and he was fed up of being black and blue. Yes every night resulted in me kicking him repeatedly until he stopped. Now typically he would advise me that he hadn’t even been a sleep to which I would ask why the bloody hell was he snoring then. Things were getting a teensy bit fractious…

Imagine then how I felt when I was contacted to review .the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring it was like my fairy godmother had given them a nudge. I immediately fired back an email and eagerly awaited the arrival of what I hoped would be a miracle cure.

The Good Night Ant-Snoring Ring is worn on the little finger and uses twin accupressure points and is a natural non-invasive way of getting a good nights sleep for everyone. It is worn at the base of the little finger and comes in 3 sizes to ensure a good fit. It is important to try to wear the ring 30 minutes before going to bed, but don’t wear it continuously or the effects will wear off. If you want to read more about how the Good Night Anti-SNoring ring works please visit the website

When the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring arrived I was pleased with the design. I liked that fact that the little ring was unobtrusive. It didn’t feel like a bit deal to ask Mr Pud to put it on and give it a go. He did say it felt a bit strange to begin with. I guess it was because it had to work on his pressure points. It obviously wasn’t too bad because he slept fine in it.

Now I guess what you really want to know is did it work?? Well he wore it for a few nights and although it didn’t stop him snoring when he was flat on his back (nothing would stop that). I did see an improvement over the course of the week. He certainly wasn’t raising to his usual crescendo. He didn’t wake me in the middle of the night with his snores for the whole week.

My verdict then? Yes the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring worked to reduce Mr Puds snoring. It also helped with his bruised legs! I would definitely say the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring was worth a try if you are at your wit’s end like I was and it comes with 30 day money back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose.

Disclaimer – we received the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring free of charge in order to provide this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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