Stokke Steps Chair & Newborn Bouncer Review

One of our most expensive purchases has been our Stokke Steps chair but it’s also been one of our best. Brilliant for Pie to be independent at sitting at the table. He was able to climb up from about 2 1/2 and join us for a family meal. He is also able to push it across the floor and use it as a step ladder – shows how light it is to move. But I don’t recommend this usage!! Saying that I have stood on it to paint various places round the house, it was sturdy enough to hold me at 38 weeks pregnant with Pudding (and it wiped clean…)

Pudding Modelling Stokke Steps

We have also used the Steps as an extra chair for adults when we run out st dinner parties. Most people comment that it’s very comfortable, even if they do end up sitting a little higher than everyone else 😊.

When Pudding arrived I decided to buy one of the newborn bouncy chair attachments. You can see why these are quite expensive, the seat is lovely and plush. The 5 point harness is really secure, although I do worry that the angle of the seat is quite steep so a good hold on a wriggly Pudding is required. The chair attachment is easy to fit and remove from the chair. Two little dots go green when it’s correctly attached, great little security check for a tired and harassed mummy. When you disconnect the seat the bottom flips out so it can be stood on the floor free standing.

By far and away the best thing is that combined the Steps and bouncer mean that Pudding can sit with us at the table and join in family meal times. She is already showing an interest in food, and loves to be included in the conversation. It also provides a great safe place to pop her when I have chores or blogging to do.She can see me and I can wander between rooms knowing one of those naughty sausage dogs can’t lick her face or sit on her blanket.

I am sure we will invest in the next stage baby seat when she is ready to sit and try her own plate of dinner. Like I said the Stokke Steps is one of most expensive things we have brought but it has certainly earnt it’s keep through two children and both Pudding & Pie would recommend the investment.

Pudding Rating: 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍩 4.5/5

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