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We celebrated our first month blogging this last week and I have to say it’s been great. I started Petite Pudding when I felt myself disappearing down into the postnatal depression plug hole. I had always found writing as an outlet and the idea of blogging my journey and providing useful information to other mums seemed like a perfect remedy. I have discovered a fantastic network of mums out there all bringing their own style to the blogging world. To have hit 800 Twitter followers in just a few weeks seems amazing to me, I didn’t even know how to tweet 5 weeks ago!

I love taking part in the link-ups, accessing all those great posts, particularly #KCACOLS (always get such wonderful comments) hosted by @withfranca and the new #chucklemums hosted by @whingewine @mumzilla always gets me to giggle. Being featured post on the #BigPinkLink was a real high point, thank you @pinkpearbear and @thismumslife. You guys made my week! The MADs are shortlisted this week and I was so grateful to be nominated, even though the blog is ineligible this year, it still felt great. I still can’t believe how helpful and friendly the blogging world is and I owe a big thanks to @cuddlefairy @parentingjungle @mummyinatutu and @animperfectmum who have really helped me with my blogging education in these first few weeks, those #tribalchat evenings have been a great place to learn 😊.

I never really knew how addictive blogging could be and I find myself checking stats all the time, tweeting and commenting or planning blog posts. I could easily become totally obsessed and forget about the children, luckily Mr Pudding keeps my head in the parenting game. I never thought I would love getting to grips with the coding side, but it totally appeals to my analytical side!

I made a huge decision this week to move my site from Weebly to WordPress, it’s not been an easy transition and trying to get people redirected to the new site is an ongoing issue. Hopefully this will move be the right decision for the future, but for now I am just enjoying my new found blogging passion!

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13 thoughts on “Blogging: 1 Month In”

  • Oh wow I didn’t know you have been blogging for 1 month only!! That is amazing!! You really know what you are doing lovely!! I’m impressed!! Happy 1st month!! Thank you so much for mentioning my linky!! That really made my day!! I’m so happy that you like it!! 🙂 xx

  • Wow you have done so well for a month. I have been doing it a bit longer than you and so much of the twitter talk has been going straight over my head! lol. I am also new to twitter and instagram, so I am slowly getting the hang of things. Just not much time for everything when you have a 2 year old 😉

  • You’re doing fab! Congratulations! Think about attending BritMums Live (BML16) this summer (if you are in the London area – or fancy a trip here). I went last year after only been on the blogging scene for just over 1 month, and found it such a great experience meeting all the other bloggers in the flesh and learning so much. Anyway, lovely blog and I’m sure you’ll love wordpress. #fancyacoffeefriday

    Nadia – ScandiMummy

  • You are doing very well. I haven’t heard of the Weebly platform you mentioned, WordPress is my only experience and I must say, it’s been a good one:) Lovely to read your post:)

    mainy – myrealfairy


  • Congratulations on your first month of blogging! I really enjoy your blog and you’re doing so well to have so many Twitter followers so quickly! I’ve been blogging for quite a long time on another platform (blogger), but I’m much happier on WordPress. I do wish I could up my followers a bit though! #fancyacoffeefriday

    • Thank you – I was surprised about how quickly the followers went up but I think its because I join in some of the chat groups in the evening like #tribalchat and #pbloggers might be worth checking out if you don’t already 🙂 x

  • I am so surprised to find out you’ve only been blogging for one month! you’ve done amazingly well!! I am on WordPress, it is such an easy platform to use 🙂 keep up the fab posts! thank you for linking up to #fancyacoffeefriday

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