Ewan The Dream Sheep – Review

Now when Pudding was born and I was doing some research into the new products around since Pie was born Ewan the Sheep kept coming up, so I spoke to a couple of my mummy friends and he came really highly recommended and because we had gone for a crib a mobile seemed a bit big. So we ordered one!Picture

What a fantastic little gadget – Ewan is super soft and snuggly, really easy to install batteries and to operate. He has a couple of modes which determine how long the sounds play for and how loud which can be set up be taking the disc part out of his tummy. You can also set up the red light – designed to mimic the light baby would have seen in the womb. Each one of Ewans’ Legs makes a different sound, there is harp music, heartbeat, rain or the vacuum cleaner. These white noise sounds have been proven to help soothe babies as again they mimic what they would have heard in the womb.

Still the proof was in the Pudding – she loved it right from the start, all the noises seemed to be quite soothing but as she gets older she really enjoys the harp and the heart beat best. We used Ewan right from the first few days, every time we laid her down after her last feed at night we would press one of his legs. Now Ewan is an important part of her routine, he signifies the difference between day time naps and actual bed time. Ewan fits nicely in Puddings’ crib but he also has a velcro loop tail so you could hang him up if you wanted too.

The only real downside to Ewan is that he does seem to get through quite a lot of batteries – we are on our 4th set in 3 months. This is only a huge issue if you haven’t realised that the batteries are running out and your baby is as dependent on Ewan as Pudding is! We now keep spare batteries at home – the first sign that Ewan is starting to run out is an abrupt stop to the white noise/music. Ewan the Dream Sheep is quite expensive at £29.99 from most retailers, but I guess that is comparable to a cot mobile.

Overall we are impressed with Ewan the Dream Sheep and we would recommend him for newborns and for helping to establish a nice calm bedtime routine.

Pudding Rating: 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰 5/5

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  • Great review.
    We got this for the bear when she was around 4/5 months old (and an awful sleeper) and she was never bothered by it….I think we tried to introduce it in too last in that “my child won’t sleep and I’ll try anything’ phase. Will be using it with this baby as soon as s/he arrives so hopefully it will have a bigger impact!

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