Massuese Mousse

Hey! Baby massage rocked my world this week, it was amazing. Just me and mummy in a room full of other babies (I was the oldest for a change!) getting up close and personal. I had a little trial of this when we went to the fabulous Bluestone and cos I enjoyed it so much Mummy kindly booked me in for a few sessions when we got home. I think Mum was a bit nervous when we first got their as she didn’t know anyone but I helped her out by smiling and talking to everyone. Of course they all commented about my amazing hairdo – I call this weeks style troll-esk ( mum is threatening hair clips🙈).

Blue haired troll - looks like Pudding We did leg massage this week, which took Mum ages because as she said their is a sizeable amount of thigh there. I think she was insinuating that I am slightly rotund, I quickly reminded her that I have the body of a goddess (So what if Buddha was a guy). My Nana says I am cute and look like a cabbage patch baby, not entirely sure what this is but Nana would never be mean about me. Apparently it’s arms next week, this could be tricky as I can’t seem to take my fist out of my mouth for more than 10 seconds, unless Mum is spooning in some parsnip…

Pie and I have been taking it in turns to scream this week, we figured Mum would rather we did that than scream simultaneously. However; this just seems to make her less sympathetic to both of us so we have gone back to the original plan that Pie screams in the morning constantly and I get to scream from tea time until bedtime. Mum doesn’t particularly like this either but at least she gets a break at lunchtime….

Due to continuing issues Pudding HQ has had  to take to its feet this week, great news for me as Mum usually pops me in the ergo. It really is the best place for a Pudding to be! All those extra snuggles and getting to talk to Mum all the time has meant I am turning into a right Mummy’s girl, especially as she treated me to a new Sophie this week. Sophie 2 and extra Mummy love have been needed this as these teeth are really starting to bother me – luckily Mum has finally agreed that they are a problem. Well done mother it’s only taken you 4 weeks 😡, some people just never listen!

I will let you know how we get on with the arms. I have to go now because it’s my turn to scream like a banshee…

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  • Oh bless your poor Mummy having you take it in turns to scream! Maybe you should try NOT screaming, it’s just as much fun – honest!! Glad you enjoyed baby massage! #puddlinglove

    • I took your advice and tried not screaming – mummy looked much happier! I did have to have a little go at bedtime but I was so tired I couldn’t keep it up! Thanks for commenting and and linking up x

  • Awww!! Poor Mummy! Do try to give her a nice long siesta at lunchtime at least! She is trying! It’s like mind-reading with this teething malarkey! 🙂 #puddinglove

    • She does try hard – sometimes I wish she would just give in and go straight for the calpol ( I really hate teeth!) Thanks for commenting and linking up #PuddingLove

  • Oh dear your poor Mummy! I bet she hoped the baby massage would soothe you! I think try no screaming just giggling – Mummy will appreciate that much more xx #puddinglove

    • I do like the massage it is soothing, but then she stops and I remember those horrid teeth again… Thanks for commenting and linking up #PuddingLove

    • She keeps turning the radio up – the neighbours must be fed up of Taylor Swift by now! Thanks for commenting and linking up #PuddingLove x

  • Ah glad you’re enjoying baby massage! I liked it too though I did wonder what was going on to begin with. Was nice to meet some other babies. I think that is incredibly thoughtful of you and your brother to take it in turns to scream, I am sure your parents appreciate it. Your hairstyle sounds fab too, mine is always sticking up at the back and pointy at the front. Us babies are true trendsetters. Love, Baby Anon x #puddinglove

    • We are def rocking the hairstyles – maybe we should do a Baby Vogue shoot? I certainly think she appreciates the turn taking, although she makes out like she just wants to hide in the bathroom… Thanks for linking up and commenting #PuddingLove x

  • OOO I LOVE baby massage. I do this with Bear every night before bed : ). It’s only for about 3 minutes but I think it soothes him.

    Poor Mummy for having to listen to all that screaming! #puddinglove

    • Its certainly relaxing on my tired legs after I have been doing all my crazy kicking and rolling attempts – Mum tries to do it every night but unfortunately some nights I am just too grumpy! Thanks for linking and commenting #PuddingLove x

  • Poor Mummy! All that screaming must give her a headache!

    I never did try baby massage with my two boys, it wasn’t really a thing when they were babies. My eldest is 11!

    • Mum says she is thinking about buying shares in paracetamol… Thanks for linking and commenting #PuddingLove

  • oooh I would love a massage, you are very lucky going to baby massage. Oldest loved baby massage and it was the only time she would sleep, at baby massage! Sounds like you really enjoy it too. You should stop the screaming though, that’s not not so nice for your mummy! #puddinglove

    • My mum thought I was going to sleep the other day – but there were so many things to look at! I have to say afterwards I crashed out and it did put me in a good mood so I spent a little less time screaming at in the evening! Thanks for commenting x #PuddingLove

    • Ooh I do love giggling – I did lots today when Mummy got back home but then I reverted to type this evening and screamed all through dinner and bedtime… Whoops… Thanks for commenting x #PuddingLove

  • Ahah love it. TM loved the leg massage, tummy and back were ok but he hates the arms!! Hope you like the arms more. Love the troll hairstyle, very on trend. I have a niece who we called a cabbage patch doll as a baby and she’s truly beautiful now so don’t worry… Synchronised screaming sounds intense, I think Catie has a great idea for synchronised laughter instead! #puddinglove

    • Mum has purchased some clips to help tame the troll – I am not a great fan though! I love the leg massage, especially the feet but I get a bit funny about my tummy, its probably because its always full of parsnips… Thanks for commenting x #PuddingLove

    • Yeh but dinner? Now thats a different story. I don’t think she has managed a hot meal in over a week… Thanks for commenting 🙂 #PuddingLove

    • I do love a good cuddle (Daddy gives quite good ones too) You are very welcome, a very much deserved Top Pudding 🙂 Thanks for commenting #PuddingLove

  • Your poor mum listening to all that screaming! At least there were lots of baby cuddles – we have the Ergo too and it is much appreciated by mum and baby alike! #PuddingLove

    • Cuddles do minimise screaming – its just at that time of night Mummy is trying to sort out dinner so they are a bit limited… Mum says that Ergo is one of her best baby buys ever! Thanks for commenting #PuddingLove

  • Oh no, poor Mummy with all the screaming but teething is well, a pain! Baby massage sounds like fun though I must say I was so nervous the first time I tried it! #PuddingLove

    • I am glad you appreciate the pain of teething – Mummy says I am a bit of a drama queen (which I am not!) Thanks for commenting 🙂 #PuddingLove

  • Baby massage sounds lovely. Oh to be a baby and enjoy the delights of massage, screaming and a bit of parsnip! #puddinglove

    • I know its a tough life eh?! Can’t imagine why she feels the necessity to scream 😉 Thanks for commenting #PuddingLove

    • Sophie is fast turning into my BFF – without her life would be a dribbly mess (and thats just Mummy!) Thanks for commenting #PuddingLove

  • Massage sounds lovely, baby or adult! I found you via #PuddingLove. My first time here, thanks for hosting. Hope the teething gets better soon, poor Mum with all the screams.

    • Lovely to have you join us! We like meeting new people and reading their amazing posts, so thank you very much. Thank you for commenting #PuddingLove

  • Oh tag team screaming, poor mummy! Loving the image of the troll hair….they have the best hair and baby massage sounds good. Ahh Sophie back in the room…don’t dangle her in front of the dog! #puddinglove

    • Brought so clips to tame the wild hair – not really effective I have to say. Still at halloween we can paint it green and she won’t need a costume (and think of that amazing picture when she has her 18th!) That dog has already got his beady eye on Sophie… Seriously Sausages and Children I will be grey before I am 40 at this rate… Thanks for commenting #PuddingLove

  • My older boy hated baby massage! Little boy liked it though, although we didn’t do a full course (had a 2 year old to entertain). It is a lovely bonding experience though, very relaxing for you both 🙂
    Thanks for hosting #puddinglove

    • Agreed it is lovely for bonding and with my bigger boy around its the only time in aweek that is carved out for just the two of us girlies so its really nice. Thanks for linking another awesome post! Cheers for commenting #PuddingLove

    • Thank you for being such an amazing co-host – you have been a total star and we would certainly love to have you join us again in the future! xx

    • Can’t wait for this weeks massage – we are doing arms! Soon Mum will be able to do the whole body – well as long as I can stop sqwarking at her long enough 🙂 Thanks for commenting #PuddingLove

  • Oh the tag team screaming! I remember it so well! It is absolutely draining and can really shorten your fuse! Thanks for hosting, and enjoy massage. I did it with my 2nd and we loved it. 🙂 #puddinglove

    • Yes it does go on a bit and I have to say patience does start to wear a bit thin by bedtime! Thanks for linking up this week and I hope you join us again! #PuddingLove

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