Motherhood: The Never Ending Shift

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Our new arrival is now nearly 3 months, cute little dot she is, very smiley and pretty easy going. Mind you she has to be as our 3 year old (4 next month, where did that time go?) has decided that his only aim in life is to push his mother to the brink of insanity! It’s not that he is a bad kid, he just is struggling to adjust to not always being the number one priority in the house…
Last week really saw the tipping point! My other half hasn’t been working any more shifts than usual, it just feels like he has because he seems to be gone for days at a time. Our sons first question is always ‘where’s daddy? Is he working again?’ I guess it’s pretty hard on him as when either of us go on shift he doesn’t see us from one day to the next, we are up before he wakes and home long after he has gone to bed. Or worst still he has to be quiet round the house because one of us is sleeping for nights…. Any way; I digress back to the story I was telling.
So it’s Tuesday, and we are heading towards bed time, always a time where there is a risk of explosion in our house! It’s even worse this evening because the 3 year old in his infinite wisdom woke the baby from her nap and she is screaming. Unfortunately this happened around 6 hours ago and she has screamed like a banshee since then, my ears are ringing and my son looks like the world has ended! The sausages are cowering on their bed with their paws over their ears…
Dutifully I run my sons bath plonk him in and pick up his squalling sister who redoubles her efforts to sing me the song of her people… As I dance round the bathroom, swaying on the spot with my eyes momentarily closed to attempt to block out the noise my son decides to pick up his dad’s razor that has been left on the side of the bath (I hadn’t even noticed it was there…) he nicks his finger, cue major melt down from him! Without thinking I pick him up with one arm out of the bath, now I am soaking and have screaming in stereo. To add insult to injury the sausages have reached their tolerance limit, Toby turns to look at me and promptly vomits all over his bed, Flick takes flight upstairs to hide under my bed (I later realise her intention was actually to hunt out a forgotten used nappy and rip it up all over my bed, takes dirty protest to a whole new level). It’s at this precise moment my husband rings to see how we are doing and to find out what’s for dinner as he will be finishing on time, he is greeted by what can only be described as manic laughter….
Suffice to say bedtime could not come quick enough and it was with a great sigh I sunk onto the sofa at 7.30 with my ears still ringing. The reality of having two small children certainly hit home and my heart goes out to all those single parents out there or those whose partners work away. I only have 3/4 days a week utterly unsupported fighting the continuous demands of my offspring – believe me that is enough. No matter what my job as a nurse chucks at me least I know the shift will end, being a mum, now that’s a shift that never ends!
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5 thoughts on “Motherhood: The Never Ending Shift”

  • Oh. My. Goodness! As I’m reading I’m sitting here imagining this scenario, watching it play out, knowing what will come. It’s like a train wreck…I wanted to look away, I just couldn’t. I’m also a mom of a rather crazy crew (I have three and the oldest is 5 years). You are SO right, there is no end. You can’t clock out or really have a potty break for that matter…I think I remember one particular time when I believe all 4 of us, plus the dog, were crying. Well, hug, laugh, and love- I wish I could assure you it’ll get better, but I don’t know- I’m not there yet- but at least through the screaming there is a whole lot of love. I greatly enjoyed your post! #passthesauce

  • Oh no….what a day! And you hit the nail on its head – yep, it is a shift that indeeds never ends. Worse, no sick leave or annual leave either. I had to giggle at parts of what you have written – sing me the song of her people – brilliantly expressed and paints a very vivid picture! Glad you survived it though (I think?) and managed to write and share with #PasstheSauce.

  • Oh so familiar!! I have a 3 month old too, combined with a 2 year old…it is absolutely exhausting!!! Sitting down after bedtime with wine is such a reward. I am 4.5 hours into my shift for today…9 hours to go….!!! Enjoyed reading this as it makes me feel not quite alone in juggling the chaos of a baby and a toddler. Have a good day today! #bigpinklink

  • Oh my…I’ve got all this to come and it fills me with TERROR!!! That pre-bed bath time nonsense time is fun enough with one, throw two in and I. Will be a melted down wreck. Ah well…at least there will be wine and chocolate and tomorrow…? #bigpinklink

  • You are describing my early days. But with a 22 month old and 1 labrador instead! I found it so so so so tough and would end a lot of days too frazzled to even cry. I found a sling helped with my son. He seemed to cry marginally less in there. We even spent a fortune on an ’emergency’ swing as I was so desperate. (Turned out he was lactose intolerant which is why he was screaming so much and settled when upright. Whoops!) Sorry you’re going through the tough bit now. It does get easier, I absolutely promise you. (I would probably have snarled at someone who said that to me though, so sorry.) Get more cake and chocolate in the house and try and get a break at the weekend if you can. Thanks for linking up. #bigpinklink

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